Smelly Hair Syndrome

What Is Smelly Hair Syndrome and How Do I Get Rid Of Scalp Odor

Smelly Hair Syndrome is a fancy way of saying that you are not dealing with the underlying scalp problem that causes your hair and scalp to smell bad. The actual odor that you get is different for most people. It can afflict men and women, adults, teens, senior citizens and pre-pubescent teens as well. The smelly hair or scalp can be pretty bad. For example, the most common smell is cheese and then vinegar smell. However, many saying it smells sour, like vomit or throw up, mould, musty, mildew smells.

What Causes Scalp Odor and Smell Hair?

It is caused when different yeast, bacteria and sometimes fungus actually mix inside the hair follicle and on the scalp and when they mix there can be a waxy build-up. This can be white, yellow and be thick or a think white coating. But not everybody with Smelly Hair Syndrome has to have to white gunk or waxy build-up. However, some do and some also have itching, flaking and many have an oily scalp or hair.

Will Washing Your Hair Handle This Problem?

The Short is no. Not just with any shampoo. At this point, you need a very specific shampoo that is designed to deal with the build-up and also with the bacteria and fungus mix on the scalp. Many times this sebum mix can be very difficult to get rid of. However, there are a few shampoos and scalp treatments that were designed for this very problem.

What Needs To Be Done?

For your hair follicle and scalp to regain a healthy path again you will need to remove the build-up (the mix of sebum, yeast, bacteria, fungus) and then open the hair follicles to expel the same mixture that has been hiding down inside the follicle. A balance must be restored to the scalp skin which is done by restoring the lipid barrier and setting the ph on the scalp skin. And finally the number of scalp oils (if they are excessive) must be controlled (and not with clarifying shampoos – once again they destroy the lipid barrier) This might sound very hard and most hair care products really don’t do well. In fact, most raise the ph and strip the lipid barrier which is one of the main causes.

The products that you are looking for use herbs such as thyme, sage, burdock to melt the heavy and sometimes hardened sebum on the scalp and hair. Secondly, fenugreek and thyme to irrigate the hair follicles after they are unclogged. Irrigation is important to remove the fungus and bacteria build-up inside the follicle. After this is done a mineral Zinc

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