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Bleach London White Toner Review – Does it Work?

Hello, guys, and welcome back to another article. I know I’m not going to be crazy today. I’m here to try this bleach London white toner kit in my hair. I just dampened my hair. You have to apply it when it’s too dry. So you can’t see that my hair is blonde.

So I’m hoping it will lighten the roots, a small dish. I chose this brand to use as a toner to lighten my hair and take away the kind of Yanno Brasenose is more obeche. It was recommended to me by a friend, Vanessa. This one is for you. This brand is big and cruelty-free as well. I’ll show you here.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna brush my hair out now to make it a small bit easier and I might try half of it. Oh. And do you like the bottom half first and then the top half the way people straighten their hair? That might make sense, but I’m not sure because I’ve never done this before. My hair still feels pretty wet at the end.

White Skin

I’m reading nervous about this.

I don’t know. Says Wear protective clothing. I hope my dressing gown will be protective enough inside of developing lotion. The instructions reincarnation mask, colourant and glow. So I’m mixing the developing notion and the colour and turn them in like this. Maybe that’ll be the best. I think I’ll do it one side to the other. So I tied up there. Then I just do this side first. Work my way back. It says to leave the mixture for about ten to twenty-five minutes, depending on the depth of colour wanted.

And what should I say? I’m gonna pop this in here. I don’t know, is this going to turn out purple? Is it just gonna be like at night? Why is it going to be silver lilac? I’m kind of scared, but what am I not scared? Like, I’m always nervous. This is taking this colder stuff. Shake this up.

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Look, there’s no turning back now. By the way, I don’t care if my dressing gown gets ruined with colour or anything or anything like that. OK, we’re ready to go. Let’s get going. So I’m just gonna use a mirror that I have here. It says, starts at the roots and work your way along. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m just gonna rub it in as I go. OK. So then it says to like, flip it once you’ve done that.

Let your parting, like, make a new perishing regretting this already with my arms going dead. I can’t see it the back, so I’m just feeling around here. Talk about winning at one on one day.

So that’s kind of Ruth Stone on the other side.

I think you’re in the bobbins. Let’s start on the other side. And it feels a bit funny on my skin. Not going. It’s not bad. So now I’m going to go back over to the other side. What I’m going to do is I’m going to start working through the ends. You don’t mind this man. You can see how yellow my hair is right now.

I hope this lifts it. I’m doing a property.

I feel like I can’t have missed anything at this stage, apart from maybe bits that are come together. So I’m just gonna sit here for a few minutes. And I’m going to take bits of hair like this that are in a lump and just spread them ocean, flatten it out and just make sure there are not any threats to the hair Rohloff that haven’t got any toner on it down to the end.

This is the situation we currently have right now. I’ve just finished. It took me about 20 minutes to put it in. I probably could have done it faster, but I did want to make sure that I got everywhere. I did think I would leave it for about 15 minutes because it took me 20 minutes to put in. So I’ll check back with you after I rent it out and I can see it lifting already. Which is great.

It is turning a white corner while it’s they swish. So I know it’s gonna it’s doing its job. It’s going to work. Fingers crossed anyway.

I’m back.

I’ve showered and I’ve used the reincarnation mask. And I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results. I feel like it has lifted a lot of the Brasenose. My roots are still pretty dark. I didn’t do much to them. But all in all, it’s not as yellow as it was. It’s still slightly. There are a few little bits of yellow kind of popping through here and there, but they could have been parts that I missed. My hair is very soft.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. Yeah, like. Like some parts of it are white at the top as well.

Near my Ruths. So all in all, the bleach London white toner. I would highly recommend. I got it on their Web site. Bleach London’s Web site. It was 10 pounds, I think. I got two boxes while I was on there 20 minutes. It took me to put it in. I left it in for a further 20 minutes and washed it out. And then I put in the mask afterwards for ten minutes. So we’re talking like the bones of an hour, which look, it seems like a long time.

Bush, I think to do it at home to save the money is brilliant. The fact that this product is beginning cruelty-free makes it even better. I’ll be doing it again in the future if I need to. Out of ten for this product. OK. So I’ve never actually used toner at home before because I’ve never had proper blonde hair before. I’ve never had to use a toner before Bush. I would give this probably I’ve not to compare to.

That’s why I don’t want to rate it badly. But a 10 I would probably give it like an eight and a half. I’m very, very happy with the results of the Bleach London White Toner kit. So I know today was kind of a different review article. I just wanted to share this with you guys in case anybody wants to see the results that bleach London tone. Our case will give you hope.

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