Beautiful hair in a few moments

How to Get Beautiful Hair In a Few Moments

Hair in summer can be weakened and destroyed. Sand, wind, sea water and other factors can damage it. So it’s worth finding the time and at least once a week to plan your hair care. And don’t forget to moisturize your hair regularly and protect it from harmful factors such as sun, temperature, UV rays and salt water. All this can dry out your hair and make it worse. So how to prevent damage and protect your hair every day? What products to use? Should summer cosmetics have a special effect? Check out our advice.

Use a summer air blower

Adjust the airflow according to the direction of hair growth – this will close the hair scales. This will make them smoother, more shiny and less susceptible to damage.

Keep the hair dryer at a minimum distance from the hair. 30 cm from the hair – this is a universal rule, which should be used at any time of year.

Summer hair care in the salon

Professional hairdressing treatments are the most effective way to protect and strengthen hair in summer. They are carried out with the use of specialist preparations, which are adjusted to a specific hair type. Thanks to this they can be used as:

Quick hair regeneration – hair care at the hairdresser’s is a summer “first aid”, which quickly restores the healthy look of hair. One treatment is enough to improve the condition of the strands.

Gradual hair care – professional cosmetic treatments, which are carried out in series, repair even deep damage to the strands.

Healthy hair prophylaxis – hair care in a good hairdressing salon is also recommended for healthy hair – it helps to keep them in good condition all year round and will also increase their resistance to sunlight. This way, your hair will remain strong and shiny after your holiday.

Hairdressing salons offer many professional hair care treatments to nourish, moisturise and strengthen your hair. Which of them will work best in the summer?

Steam sauna – this treatment deeply hydrates your hair, making it more resilient and shiny. It is performed using a device that produces steam and ozone, which resembles a standing hairdryer. Before the sauna, the hair is washed and then a special conditioner is applied to it. Under the influence of water vapour, the scales are bent and the preparation can deeply penetrate the hair structure. Finally, the scales are closed. Optimal effect is achieved after applying 4-5 treatments.

Important: The sauna improves the sebaceous glands and has a bactericidal effect, therefore it is recommended for seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and hair loss.

Your hair is thin and weak despite the use of many different specifications? The ideal solution is therefore hair extensions. Today there are many safe hair extension methods that help women with fine and weak hair. Hair extensions are also an option for those women who are planning a wedding and can’t boast lush and thick hair. Nowadays, hair extensions are completely safe, and the results are amazing. You can choose the best option for you – Nano Tip Hair Extensions or Hair Extensions Tools.


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