Perfect Straw Sun Hat for Men

The Perfect Straw Sun Hat for Men – Things That Do and Don’t Work

Hats are an essential part of everyone’s attire. However, when it comes to men, the selection of hats differs from women. Even though most men today would want to sport the best hats to look fashionable, they also want to count on the functional part of it. And one of the best qualities of a hat, is to provide ample protection from the scorching rays of the sun.

Hence, men must consider the best mens straw sun hats and select the one that is best for them. Are you searching for the best sun hat to protect your ear skin, face, scalp, and neck? Do you want to stay free from sun damage? If yes, then you need to choose the best characteristics of a hat. Are there any suitable variants available in the market? The majority of dermatologists who have treated skin issues for decades and undertaken skin exams along with fashion bloggers choose the straw sun hats as the best option. There are several benefits that men can count on with a straw sun hat.

It’s important to know that protecting your skin from the sun doesn’t mean applying sunscreen only. If you want proper sun protection, you need to do more than allow the sun’s rays from reaching the facial skin, neck, and ears. And men can accomplish this by opting in for a straw sun hat. Usually, it’s the neck and the face that gets exposed majorly to the sun’s rays. And it can lead to dark patches and wrinkled skin as well. If you want to say no to skin ailments and wrinkles, you must choose a good quality straw sun hat.

The essential traits of the best sun protection hat

Most men decide to shop for a straw sun hat without prior research and know-how. If you want the best sun hat to keep you secured from the dangerous sun rays, the following four pointers are essential:

  1. The sun hat should get made from a sun impenetrable material. Today, the majority of online hat makers usually rate the protective quality of the sun hat. Hence, it’s an intelligent decision to buy a sun hat with a UPF 50 rating. Several good hats don’t get rated. In that case, you might need to check the sun permeability.
  2. The straw sun hat should have a brim that is 3 to 5 inches wide. Also, it would help if you chose a firm brim that doesn’t get buckled or folded in the wind so that you don’t get exposed. Few men opt in for a visor where there is room for improvement. You shouldn’t count on the billed hats if sun protection is your priority when you are outdoors.
  3. Your straw sun hat should cover the complete scalp and have an impenetrable material. Hence, it would help if you said no to hats and visors with mesh tops. No one wants any skin ailments as it is becoming rampant because of the scorching sun rays. Today, many men have skin cancers on their scalp and good hair due to extreme sun exposure. It is essential to note that your part line will get exposed to the sun if you don’t wear the correct sun hat. And men who have an issue of thinning hair should wear this hat to secure the skin of the scalp. And as they do so, eventually, when they have less hair on their head, they will find spot-free scalp skin rather than a scalp that gets covered with liver spots, scars, and white marks from treatments.
  4. Also, it is essential to place your straw sun hat atop your head. Hence, the hat should fit you well. There are a few straw sun hats for men that come with manageable brims, and it’s necessary to get your head size correct. Furthermore, based on the activities you want to participate in, you might want to opt-in for a chin strap that will prevent the hat from falling off your head.

Hence, irrespective of the hat you select, make sure that you love the hat and allow it to secure it from the harsh UV rays. You should wear it perfectly as well. Are you new to the world of full brim hats? If yes, you should try and experiment with new hat variants until you find the one that is perfect for you. Usually, when men first start to wear the full brim hats, it takes a little time to get comfortable. They need time to get adjusted to it and also look good in it. You have to go through several trials and errors before knowing what looks good on you and is correct for you. The straw sun hat is perfect when you are opting for outdoor activity. Hence, it’s essential to choose it well.


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