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A Quick Guide To Eyewear Styles And Shapes

Eyewear has existed for a long time and is popular for its functionality and versatility. For some, eyewear can be used after undergoing tests and determining the right lens by an optometrist to boost visual acuity.

For others, eyewear offers protection from drying winds, foreign particles, and dust, which may lead to eye irritations. Additionally, some people choose eyewear with specially coated lenses that’ll help filter damaging UV rays and blue light. However, as much as eyewear is functional, it can double as a fashion accessory. You can easily match your eyewear with your outfit, bag, and shoes, or simply wear it to add some colour to your general outfit.

So, when choosing eyewear, you need to find a perfectly fitting pair that complements you. But choosing the right type can be overwhelming as eyewear comes in different shapes, colours, and styles.

To achieve a great aesthetic, discussed below is a quick guide to eyewear styles and shapes.

Consider Your Face Shape

Face shapes tend to vary, and you need to know your face shape to settle on an eyewear style and shape. There are different ways of measuring your face shapes, with a virtual try-on tool commonly used.

Once you know your face shape, you need to consider if your face is small so you can settle on glasses that are wide or slightly wider than your face. But if you have a wide face, your glasses should fit, and frames can be slightly wider. So, if you aren’t still sure of your face shape, discussed below are all you have to consider:

  • Round Face – If your face has soft curves, full checks, rounded chins, and is as long as it’s wide, then it’s round. So, rectangle sunglasses can suit round faces as the frames balance the proportions and add contrast to the face structure. Additionally, angular, geometric, or squared cat-eyes work great for round faces, adding distinct lines that draw attention to the eyes.
  • Square Face – If your face is as long as it’s wide, you’ll need eyewear with round frames, which adds softness. Glasses with oval frames also soften square face lines and balance the defined lines.
  • Triangle Shape – If your face is narrow on the top and wide at the bottom, you may need frames that play with opposites. So, glasses with brow line, aviator, and cat-eye glasses are the best suited as they bring definition, soften cheekbones, and draw attention to your eyes.
  • Diamond Face – People with a narrow forehead, chin, defined cheekbones, and full cheeks have a diamond face. So, when looking for eyewear shapes, consider getting oval or round glasses that balance your angular features and bring a soft contrast.
  • Heart Face – Heart-shaped faces tend to be widest at the forehead and narrow with high cheekbones. And eyewear with aviator or round frames is perfect as it adds width and contrast, thus softening angular features.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Our eyewear style and shape should be able to complement your lifestyle as well as meet your vision needs. For instance, if you work in a professional setting, you’ll need eyewear with a conservative frame shape and colour.

However, if you’re into creativity and fashion, you may need to showcase your style through your glasses by getting unique, bright-coloured, retro, vintage, or patterned frames. For people with active living, eyewear with polarized lenses, lens tints, and polycarbonate lenses are the best option.

If you work in hazardous conditions, durable eyewear that provides more coverage and is impact resistant is needed.

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Find Shapes That Flaunts Your Personality

Eyewear allows you to express yourself through shapes, styles, and colours. So, when choosing your eyewear styles and shapes, make sure it’s part of your look and strikes a balance. For instance, if you’re fun and bubbly, go for fun shapes and styles. But you can get vintage eyewear and shapes if you’re an old soul.

Stick To A Budget

The most important step when purchasing anything is setting a reasonable budget. The first thing to do is compare prices and pick one that works well for you. If your budget has wiggle room, consider getting extra features for your eyewear.

Bottom Line

With eyewear’s versatility, choosing the right style and shape is vital. Eyewear isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you need to consider several things before deciding. In addition, you may buy accessories such as a hard-shell case that’ll help protect your glasses and keep them clean. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you pick the right one for you.

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