Five mistakes to avoid while choosing perfect table linens

Five mistakes to avoid while choosing perfect table linens

Table linens cover the top of the table, even a table cloth or napkins. Using a table cover protects the table from hot servings and avoids dirt or dust. If you feel you have a dark table, and even then, do you need a table runner? The answer is yes; Using a table cloth/table runner helps maintain the table’s strain-free and has a well-polished look. There are different types of table cloth used based on the size and shape of the table. When you have an oval table, using an oval-shaped runner will create a nice look and the same in the case vice versa. Some table linens types are napkins, table covers or cloth, table skirts, placemats, etc.

Material Used for Table Linen:

There are different fabrics and prints available when choosing a table runner online. If you are looking to get one for your dining table, make sure to look at the wide variety of options and have a clear idea so that they will make your dining area so cool and unique. If you have a brown dining table, printed linen or any combination of colour cloths will perfectly match them. If you have a black table, the same goes well. Even a transparent sheet could create a stunning look to the table. Always make sure that the corner or oval shape has equal distance clothes so that they are identical and are present at the centre space without any unequal distances. Cotton, silk, organza, polyester, etc., could be some perfect materials or fabrics to be used on tables. Make sure the four corners of the tablecloth are of equal distance from the floor on each side of the table and that the centrefold (facing up) is precisely in the middle of the table. Choose the right side of the tablecloth for clean and cemteered look finish.

Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid to make your dinnerware area unique and beautiful:

Size and Shape:

Size and shape are essential and considered to make your tabletop perfect. When the size is not perfect, the overall appearance looks unequal, and at the same time, the area will create a clumsy look. If you are looking for your living area table, size does not matter. For example, for a 10*10 table, you can place a 5*5 table linen to make your living area look nice. So, make sure to decide and choose the right size for the right spot. Make sure to get the right length, width, and height of the tabletop.


There are different materials like cotton, synthetic, sheets, silk, organza, etc. Even though all the fabric materials make the table look good, it depends on the location or place to get the right kind of material fixed. For example, consider placing a silk material on the dining table. Since silk is a soft and shiny kind of material, they tend to slip or make your utensils spill in one way or other. So, a thick sheet or unmovac]ble cotton linen cover will be a perfect option to go with. In the case of the living area, choosing silk will be ideal since we are going a place a vase or frame that is only removed when we clean them.

Themed Covers:

If you have made your house or room on a specific theme, choose the right match themed right not to make the table an odd one out. Some of us would go for antique, traditional pieces, while others would like marbles or a tiled look. In both cases, get the right one to make the area look composed and matchable. A brown table with a transparent sheet or brown infused colour cloth for antique finished houses will be perfect to go with. For others, anything could work but make sure they go with the right wall colours to match its look.

Unique Options:

If you are looking for table runners for home, having a backup or a couple would be more than enough. In other cases, like hotels or living rooms, having 10 – 15 backups will help. Always make sure to change one or in a couple of weeks to maintain the quality and colour of the table cloth for a longer run.

Soft Fabric:

Fabrics play a vital role as equal to the colours and designs. Make sure to choose the proper soft, comfy cloth to create the best look and make the touch and feel pleasant. If you are looking for the appropriate table runner online, check out the beautiful options with unique designs. Explore the beautiful leaf print, block print, geometric print, abstract print, etc., online to make your space unique with the best-designed runners.

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