Choosing a Stylish Company Uniforms

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Stylish Company Uniforms

Are you looking to start your new career as an employee at a company? Or are you just trying to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a white shirt again? In either case, you’ll soon discover that company uniforms in the UK are an essential part of establishing norms and workplace culture. A company uniform isn’t only about identifying employees quickly from a distance; it’s also about giving everyone clear cues about what is expected of them and their role in the organization. Each uniform distinguishes employees by function, reinforcing your company’s brand and reducing confusion over who is responsible for a particular task or project. In other words, if you want to create a positive first impression with your new staff and coworkers, invest in some company uniforms in the UK.

What should a company uniform in the UK look like, Boring or interesting?

A company uniform should complement the colours and design of your office, while also reflecting your core brand values. Unless you run a creative department, a uniform should be conservative and formal; it isn’t the time to show off your personal style or colours. You also need to take into account what your employees do outside of work; for most people, businesswear is the only outfit they wear to formal events. Your company uniform should also reflect what kind of company you are; financial services, for example, should follow an intrinsic and formal colour scheme, while a consulting company may opt for a softer palette. Larger companies will likely have more niche or sub-brands that can have a specific colour attached to their logo.

How to choose the best uniform for style & comfort

The colours and design of your uniform should be based on your office’s colour scheme and what you’d like your staff to wear when they’re not at work. From there, you can decide on which patterns and motifs will complement the look and feel of your office. Once you’ve settled on the colours and design, create a mood board to help you visualize how it will look when paired with your furniture and decorations. When shopping for your uniform, make sure you’re comfortable with how it will look and feel. If it’s a new brand, you’ll also want to find out if there are any style guidelines; if nothing else, you don’t want to be the only person wearing your company’s logo on a white shirt.

Choosing the right colours for your uniform & brand

Choosing the right colours for your company uniform can help your team stand out from the crowd, while at the same time, blending in with the colour palette of your office. While it’s true that you can create a bold and impactful uniform look, the majority of people don’t want to be identified as employees. With that in mind, you need to find the right balance between an eye-catching look and an unobtrusive one. Your office’s colour palette should influence your choice of colours. For instance, a bold and lively office will likely result in a more vibrant uniform, while a more muted palette may be more suitable for a more conservative look.

Do cheap uniforms mean lots of cost in repairs?

There will be times when your employees wear holes in their uniforms, or they simply don’t fit properly. For example, if you have a company uniform policy where employees are required to wear a certain colour of knee-length skirt or trousers, you’ll also need to purchase matching shoes for them. If holes appear in those uniforms, you’ll also be able to fix them. Your company’s uniform supplier should be able to provide or recommend a service that will repair your employees’ uniforms. You should also know that it’s an advisable practice to take before the uniform becomes completely worn out.

Just my take

Company uniforms in the UK are a crucial part of any company’s culture and brand. They help staff identify one another, and reinforce key company values. When choosing a uniform, you need to choose colours and designs that match the colours of your office and are also appropriate for the office environment. You should also choose a uniform that’s appropriate for employees of a certain age. If you have employees who need repairs on their uniforms, you should do so with the supplier before the uniforms become completely worn out.

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