5 Tips to Grow Your Beard

5 Tips to Grow Your Beard

Want to grow your beard long? Or looking for a solution to regrow the beard or solve the patch beard issues? Then you are in the right place now. Beard is generally hair grown on the corners of the cheeks, jaw, lower lips, and neck. It depends and varies from one person to another. Sometimes, the beard is also called a symbol of manhood, just like the moustache. Keeping a beard does not have any specific rules or conditions, but it depends on one’s preference or face cut accordingly. There are different types and styles of having a beard. Some of them are as follows:

  1. SHORT BEARD STYLES – When talking about beards, it is not that the longer and bigger ones are always better. Sometimes a short style beard will be a perfect option too. Make sure you have them to fit your face and help build your confidence. Some better and unique styles available are 5o clock shadow, corporate beard, scruffy beard, short round beard, etc.
  2. LONG BEARD STYLES – Once you feel that your beard growth is good and long, you are blessed to try different styles. Make sure to grow to a specific length to cut according to the needed shape. Even though these long beards are stylish and beautiful, it takes more than even a year to grow and requires more maintenance to manage and keep them long-lasting. The maintenance of developing a long beard includes preventing split ends and breakages, keeping them well-nourished and moisturised, making them look fluffy when needed, and many more. As the beard grows, you will even miss or see the amount of reduction in thickness. Some of the long beard styles that will transform your look could be a power beard with or without a moustache, a shaped beard style, and many more. Beard oil helps in enhancing your beard for better and loger length
  3. Other styles, like beard stache, patch beard, and many more, can be included. Even though everyone does not much like patch beard, which suits some face types. So make sure to find the right one to maintain on your big or special days.

Finding the right bead style also depends on the face cut or face shape. Dig into the simple ways to see based on your face shapes.

  •  If you are someone with an oval shape, that is a small length corner on cheeks, and they are blessed since most of the beard styles would suit them.  
  • If you are someone with a rectangular shape, then it is better to have long or quiet length beard styles.
  • It is better to have longer hair on the chin and lesser on the sides if you are of a round shape.
  • If you have a triangular-shaped face cut, beard stache would be a perfect option to go with.

These simple tips could help you get an idea about what kind of beard look would look fine. But in a specific look, you can dig in to find the wide range of options available. Look for best beard growth oil with unique blend of ingredients for faster and healthier growth. 

Tips To Grow Your Beard:

  1. Vitamins and Supplements: If you feel your growth is slow or not much, it is better to include vitamin-rich supplements. Some of the better supplements could be biotin, vitamin-rich capsules, etc. Even though you take supplements, make sure to have a proper and balanced diet to keep your body healthy internally and externally. Both are needed for a well balanced and healthy lifestyle in terms of skin, body, and hair. Include protien rich foods, fruits and vegetables, etc. for a well-balanced diet.
  2. Nourishing Oil: Make sure to oil your beard hair, just like you oil your scalp hair. Oiling helps in nourishing and moisurizing the hair. If you feel oiling reduces the bounciness of beard hair, make sure to use them once a week when you dont step out of your house.
  3. Reduce Yout Trim: Even though most of us have heard that trimming leads to growth, make sure you trim only once or twice in three to four months. This will manage your growth and at the same time, you can keep them well aligned too.
  4. Stress: Make sure to keep your stress and hormone levels at bay so that they dont affect your prevent your hair growth or loss its thickness or mobility. Exercising can also make the stay long-lasting and better
  5. Beard Products: Include beard growth products such as beard growth oil, cream, or shampoo if you need them in some specific period of time. Routine helps in giving them extra care and nourishment. Check out the best matching equipment from Cut Throat Club if you’re feeling a bit artsy in grooming your beard.

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