5 Reasons Why Should You Buy Vintage Rings

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Vintage Rings

Ever thought of buying a vintage ring for your loved one? This article will help you clear your dilemma if you are contemplating buying jewelry and confused between buying something new or vintage. There are many reasons why you should buy vintage rings.

Many prefer to buy something rare and antique, and for them, vintage rings are one of the best options. The designs in the vintage rings are very raw and interesting. Their designs are very out of the box and not at all common.

If you like such beautiful antique rings, then vintage rings are for you. While researching some reasons to buy vintage rings, I have found some reasons why buying vintage rings is a better option.

The five reasons – why you should consider buying rings are:

  1. Diamond mining is bad for the environment
  2. Child and slave labour
  3. Buying second-hand is recycling
  4. Vintage stands out
  5. Get a bargain

5 Reasons Why Should You Buy Vintage Rings

1. Diamond Mining Is Bad for The Environment

Diamond mining leads to a lot of land pollution. Moreover, because of the constant rise in demand for new jewellery, the miners are encouraged to mine on large scale. Just imagine the extent of pollution you would contribute to when you insist on buying only new jewellery.

When diamond mining is not done correctly, it has effects like soil erosion. It also develops problems in agriculture due to which the nutrients in the upper layer of the soil get removed. The land areas then become infertile, and no agriculture can take place.

If land degradation happens, then the particular land will become prone to floods or any other calamities. Soil erosion can affect the soil so much that there can be deforestation and further affect the environment.

Soil erosion can also occur due to airborne dust. So the vintage ring is a great optionif you care about the environment.

2. Child and Slave Labour

Diamond mining is also done in areas that are controlled by rebel forces. The diamonds that made form there are called ‘Blood Diamonds.’ Blood diamonds are also called ‘Conflict Diamonds’ because all international governments oppose the areas from which their mining is done.

These blood diamonds are then sold by the rebels to purchase arms or are fundedthe military actions. These diamonds are produced by forced labouring the children and other people. They keep these people as slaves.

These stones are smuggled into international trade and sold as real ones. There is no visible difference between the real diamond and the blood diamonds.

A very large amount of money is at stake because of these diamonds. These rebels’ modes of operation are bribes, threats, torture, and even murder, which is why these are called Blood Diamonds.

To spare those innocent children and people from slavery and forced labour, buying a vintage ring is a better option. Reread what I just told, and you will know!

3. Buying Second Hand Is Recycling

There are many reasons to buy something second hand. One of the major advantages is that when you buy vintage products, then you facilitate recycling.

Wikipedia states that “Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects.”

When you buy pre-owned vintage jewellery, you allow the sellers to convert the old jewellery into something remarkable. It is one form of recycling. Besides being good for the environment, you also contribute to saving the earth from various pollution forms.

For a person who loves vintage, there are so many options available for a lower price. If a person buys anything brand new, then the cost may be more. But if you buy something second hand, the price is almost half the original price.

Again, the effect of using recycled jewellery has a positive impact on the environment.

4. Vintage Stands Out

Vintage jewellery has a unique design compared to the modern market. The jewellery companies now cannot make the exact ancient and elegant designs that prevailed earlier. Earlier, the designers used to make the jewellery with their hands.

The design was too fine and detailed. The people who have a vintage taste may know what exactly it is. Also, the vintage jewellery pieces have a great history behind them. Each stone used in the jewellery has a meaning and is also arranged that way in the jewellery.

This type of jewellery pieces is very difficult to have in these modern times. When you wear a vintage collection, and every other person is wearing a modern collection, you stand out. People will ask you where you got that piece of jewellery, and you will feel so good for yourself.

Standing out at a party for especially your vintage jewellery feels great. Isn’t it? Get yourself a vintage piece of jewellery now.

5. Get a Bargain

Vintage jewellery is old jewellery, which is understood from the name itself. The jewellery made in earlier times was very reliable as compared to now. The work done in those times was very solid and was done ultimate perfection.

So even after so many years, the jewellery stays intact, and the quality doesn’t degrade. While buying vintage jewellery, you can surely bargain for its price as it is old. The making is old, but the jewellery’s quality is the same if it is perfectly made.

Look for a perfectly made jewellery piece and try to get a good deal on it. A reasonable negotiation is acceptable by sellers, so you need to research the jewellery’s estimated price.

Ultimately, you are getting yourself a perfect vintage jewellery piece that is too at a lesser value. Wow! That’s surely a great catch!


Buying vintage jewellery is a great option. The amount of harm that diamond mining does to the environment is incredible. It is 100% worth considering buying vintage instead of modern diamond jewellery.I think now you have enough reasons there. I hope this was helpful to you. Happy vintage shopping!

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