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7 Simple and Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home on a Shoestring Budget

A beautiful home will help improve your mood, although it can be pricey. This explains why budget home makeovers are becoming popular these days.

If you are looking for ways to beautify your home on a shoestring budget, here are seven practical tips you need to know:

1. Painting

The color of your walls has a significant impact on the look and feel of your room. That’s why if you are working with a tight budget, you might want to repaint your walls instead of getting decor around the house to beautify it.

Cans of paint are quite affordable, as well as the painting tools you need. It is even cheaper if you already have the tools you need.

Although you need to move furniture around to get the painting done, it is still relatively easy and cheap. Ensure that you keep the windows open whenever you are painting a room so that you do not inhale fumes.

2. Crown Molding

If you want to add a pop of elegance to your interior walls, you can install some crown molding in your house. This decorative element is simple, but it certainly breaks your walls’ dull appearance.

It is subtle, but you will notice that it adds the formation of a more polished home. You can be a bit more creative with the crown molding design, but it will depend on your house’s theme.

When you have crown molding, aside from adding a decorative finish to any room, it may also make a room look larger than it is. It draws people’s eyes up, which is what gives the illusion that the place is bigger.

3. Window Treatments

Keeping your windows bare is not the best way to make rooms stylish in your house. Plus, you are losing some privacy if people can easily peer into your home with your open windows.

That’s why you should get yourself some window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or a glass film. They will not only give you an added layer of protection, but it will also help you decorate your windows.

Depending on your windows’ location, the type of window treatment you should apply will be different.

If you are adding window treatments in a place that gets a lot of natural light, you might want to use sheer curtains. That way, your home is not easy to look through, but natural light can still come in and brighten up the room.

For bedrooms and places where you want the most privacy, thicker curtains, blinds, or shades are essential.

4. Hardware Finishes

If you want to change the vibe of a room, look at the hardware finish.

The difference between hardware finishes creates different styles and themes for a room. And you do not even have to flip over the entire place to change things up.

Of course, some hardware finishes are more expensive than others, so make sure that you check the price tag when deciding on which ones to use.

5. Accessorize Your Home

If you want to start beautifying your home, you can’t go wrong with adding a few accessories here and there. However, you have to be careful what accessories you choose and the number you’re going to add.

If you add too many small decorations here and there, it will make the room look smaller and crowded.

Vases are an excellent accessory, especially with flowers. Even if you add a centrepiece vase and get flowers, it instantly beautifies it.

6. Affordable Furniture

You can also replace or add affordable furniture, especially if your house is sitting empty right now, and you are looking to fill it up with something. 

You first need to find interior design inspirations to determine which furniture you should be getting. After all, there is a ton of fantastic furniture out there, but not everything will fit your home’s style.

That’s why you need to dictate a style or theme to follow for the entire house or just individual rooms.

7. Declutter

Sometimes, your house does not need you to add more things to it to make it more beautiful. In some cases, all you need to do is make it look brand new again by removing everything that is in the way.

Thus, Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC recommends that you declutter first before having a home makeover. That way, you have fewer items to clean and organize.


When it comes to budget makeover, we suggest that you start decluttering your items and deep cleaning your house.

Sometimes, organizing your belongings is enough to give your house a refreshing look.

If you want to update your house’s look, you might be surprised at what a gallon of paint or a roll of contact paper can do. You can also refresh your home by rearranging some of your furniture.

That said, your budget should not limit your creativity when it comes to beautifying your home.

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