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Significance of a Variety of Indian Traditional Jewelry

Ever since time immemorial, Indian Traditional Jewelry has been an integral part of women’s lives and in the Indian culture, it is much more than just an embellishment.

All through the span of women’s lives, the accessories that they adorn bear testimony to the onset of the different stages.

Factors that Make Jewelry Relevant among Indian Women

The Indian Traditional Jewelry amongst Indian women portrays a sense of power and security. They don’t just signify femininity but also denote financial prowess.

The deep-rooted connection between the women of our country and the accessories is not just based on traditional values but it also comes with scientific implications.

Now let us try and understand the logic and significance of the different pieces of Jewelry that are worn by them. Here is a list of all the common pieces of Indian Traditional Jewelry that are worn by Indian women with their scientific and cultural significance.

Indian Traditional Jewelry

Nath (Nose Ring

The nose ring or nath is often linked with the women from the subcontinent. These ornaments are attached through the piercing on the nostril side. It is because of the spread of Indian culture and fashion through globalization. That nostril piercing has become a worldwide trend nowadays. Naths made of small gems or studs is now a fashion statement especially for the young women across the European counties, the Americas, Asia and other places. In fact, the nath is said to be the most seductive of all the accessories put on by the Indian women.


The tika consists of a chain with a pendant at one end and a hook at the other end. While the pendant adorns the centre of the woman’s forehead, the hook is attached with the hair strands to keep the piece from falling off. The woman’s forehead is said to the chakra that portrays preservation. Usually, the chakra is seen to have a couple of petals that is presided by Ardhanarishvara, the androgynous deity marked by half-male and half-female traits. Symbolically it is the final union that does not discriminate.



Earrings happen to be one of the most fascinating pieces of jewellery amongst Indian women. It is an essential part of the lady’s grooming and fashion. Without the earrings, a woman’s ornamentation is never complete. In the case of silver earrings, there is no dearth of shapes, designs, sizes, weight and colours. Just like there is red ruby, you have green emerald to accentuate your Indian or Western wear.

You can choose from the novel design wears or just opt for traditional ear studs. Legend says that evil spirits can enter the body through any of the openings. One gets a sense of well-being by putting on the ornaments. According to the modern theory, the ear consists of an essential nerve connecting the cervix, kidney and brain. After applying the right amount of pressure on the right ear that is linked with the kidney nerve, you can rest assured about the good health of the bladder and kidney.



The word itself fills one’s ears with the sweet tinkling of the ornament. Wearing the bangles can be afforded by a woman across the financial statures. Built with different metals to suit everybody’s needs. Moreover, the attractive designs of bangles make them even more lucrative for women.

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Apart from being a common accessory for the married women in India, this ornament also comes with immense romantic connotations. The sound of the bangles expresses the women’s presence and also serves as a tool for them to gain attention. Enhance the blood circulation and channelize energy passing through the outermost skin.



The one-piece of accessory that is believed to control the feelings and strengthen one’s love and emotions. A necklace captures the significance of jewellery in a befitting way.

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If you take a look at the ancient times, you will see women opting for pendants. A bead of strings and elaborate ornamental collars to ward off the evil spirits and usher good luck. Nowadays you can also buy statement necklace online that can enhance your look no matter what you put on – Indo or Western wear.

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