13 Ways to dress your best when youre a fuller figure lady

13 Ways To Dress Your Best When You’re a Fuller Figure Lady

  1. Embrace and wear your right size.

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything too small or too big. Holding onto clothes that don’t fit will only depress you and take up valuable real estate space in your closet. Be honest with what size you are and love the skin you’re in. The right size clothes will feel good and look great.

It might be tempting to hide behind wider and free flowing clothes or gather yourself up in a tent style garment. But this is actually doing you a massive disservice. Dressing up in clothes that are the correct size and that fit you well will complement your body rather than draw attention to what you don’t like.

  1. Don’t be afraid of bright colours.

We’re not talking garish or neon colours here. More your lovely reds and blues. There’s no need to hide behind black and feel it’s the best as that colour is thought to make you look thinner.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself of in a pretty dress in a happy colour. Neutral colours might be lovely to blend in and are very versatile, but a splash of a bolder colour to help make you look super hot!

  1. Show of those pins.

Wear good quality and the right fitting pants or trousers to help emphasize your pins. If you wear jeans, take care to ensure they match your shoe style and size. Another option is to wear a lovely skirt and casual top to highlight those lovely features.

  1. Invest in some good quality underwear.

Having clothed that sit well all begins with your undergarments. Get fitted for your bras, so you know exactly what size and cup you require. This can help give your breasts support and ensure your clothes fir better and slide over you, rather than hang and collect awkwardly on your chest and bra.

Underpants that are snug without being constrictive will allow jeans, pants and skirts to flow nicely over you too. Decent shapewear can assist in highlighting your shape. Shapewear isn’t really just to make a person look smaller, it assists in decreasing the amount of bumps and lumps for a smooth and clear foundation.

Underwear is an investment, especially bras and shapewear, so don’t be fearful about splurging.

  1. Take and know your measurements.

No matter what your size, if you order online, the age old saying of “sizes may vary” can be very true. When you have your correct measurements, this takes the guess work out of what will fit and what won’t. It gives you more confidence when shopping online as you are aware of what your shape and sizing is.

  1. Dark wash jeans are your friend.

Dark wash jeans are not only comfortable, but can help hide any difficult areas better than their lighter coloured counterparts. Try and go with something that will permit a bit of stretch, such as a polyester cotton or spandex to ensure you are comfortable and that the material keeps its shape longer.

Some good styles to consider are high waisted, skinny, boot cut or straight jeans.

  1. Define your waist.

Clothes which gather underneath the breast or a belt at the waist (avoid super wide ones) can really make an outfit appear dressier and can help you feel more sophisticated. It looks fantastic too.

A line skirts are great for this as the design comes in at the waist and slides over the hips to conclude just below the knee. Complete with a tailored or fitted top, this can help give an hourglass figure look.

  1. Tops that can accentuate your assets.

There’s no need to hide behind baggy t-shirts and over sized tops. V necks open the neck line, scoop neck compliments the breast area as does peplum, which also highlights your waist.

  1. Uses dresses to flatter your figure.

Wraps and fit and fare styles help show of your waist. A sheath style dress will help make your body look longer.

  1. Top it all off with a jacket.

Belted or waist length jackets will highlight your waistline. If you choose to work with a more traditional look with a tailored look this will really show of your top half.

  1. And how can we forget about accessories.

High heels and pointed shoes help to define your legs. Belts help accentuate your waist. And of course, chunky necklaces and bracelets will assist in setting of any outfit.

  1. Formal dresses.

Every girl likes to feel like a princess. Evening dresses or formal attire can be alluring and comfortable, and there are many options to suit a more voluptuous figure.

If you’re looking through evening gowns, a good a line style will show of those gorgeous hips and balance your proportions out so you look stunning.

Stylish and beautiful gowns which gather at the bust or are tight fitting at the bust and more free flowing from the waist down can really help you steal the show at any event.

Look for dresses with seams which travel down the side of the dress as this can make the dress fit over your natural curves, rather than be tight and uncomfortable.

  1. Consider getting some tailored items.

Although this option might be expensive in some cases, the extra money spend will be well worth it.

A few pieces specially made to suit your own unique body shape will only flatter you in all the right spots and feel comfortable and stunning.

  1. You are beautiful just the way you are.

As Dr Suess says “There is no one youer than you”. You are a unique and valuable person just the way you are. Each of us have our own talents and attributes and there is only one of you here in this world.

Never doubt yourself or put yourself down and you’re better than anyone who does. You are amazing exactly the way you are.

Keep shining!

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