Pixie Lott Hair Dye Review

Pixie Lott Hair Dye Review – Paint Hair Dye

Pixie Lott’s Paint hair dye Review: Today, I’m going to be doing something I’ve never, ever done before. Now, I’ve highlighted my hair before. And as you can see, it’s blonde written the moment. I am going to be temporarily dying my hair with pixie lott hair dye. This is it takes you a lot and paint. And it’s in the shade. And Viler, I want you to go like an ashy colour.

Because I’ve seen people who have grey hair. And I like that. But as I say, I’ve never, ever dyed my hair colour before.

I have mixed emotions about doing this. I want to do it. But at the same time, I sketch to it because I don’t know, I feel suit me or anything. So basically, that’s what we’re going to be doing. So this is the box and inside you get the actual dye on.

Hair, Color

How does Pixie Lott Hair Dye look?

It just looks like eyes the bottle and it’s just got the instructions on the back thing and says on the back you can see it with glass. So you get the actual dye. Then you get to fade out with such rays. And this is for if you don’t like calling to vibrate for your hair, you just use a fade out. And it’s like shampoo. You just use it as a shampoo and you put it in your hair and it makes you a bit one-sided.

And this of I says it washes opportunity and washes. So it could last for 10 weeks. It could last for two eight two four lost in between. And there’s a little straw on the back roof. You haven’t had roses before. I’m just going to show you the outside packaging. So that’s what a special point is. Not recommended for Brown, because obviously, it’s a dark colour. And this is for light blonde and it’s, you know, pastel.

Apply, Hair colour

How to Appy?

And then lastly, in the box, you get some gloves because you’re in a way, applying it.

The thing is, could you just get like D’Oyly Arms and then you get the leaflet.

This is a leaflet. It’s called Pixie Lot on there. And it’s got all the fittings all over the range and these are different colours. And Ethan Gap, I like this one. Not so strong to see these.

But you know Tim. So I went for that one. Right.

Because in this superduper I went to the only hij and the sorbet was the violent one and the. There’s another blue one and the grey one put it.

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I think if I had great in my head like I was more grumpy. So what we’re going to be doing is I’m just going to go and let my hair. And then I’m going to be applying it all over my head, hopefully, like on break. Sorry, I don’t know. Let’s do this before I hesitate even more than I already am. So I’ve just finished doing my hair, and it hasn’t done a lot at all. I mean, there is slight colouring in my hair.

I mean, it looks different on camera in real life.

Blonde Hair

It’s just taken the blonde out of my house and it’s just replaced it with, like, this dirty, powerfully colour, like light and charring. Yeah, it’s trying to be purple, but it’s not purple. So as you can say, this is completely different from that. I mean, that’s the colour, OK?

And that’s why I would have said my hair was colour blonde because that’s what it was. I haven’t used any of the fades out packets either, so I can’t blame it on these. I left it in for 20 minutes. It says fifteen figure, not even 30 minutes. I mean, it’s not going to do anything, to be honest. Say that Lucy picks you up the pain. Watch out. Hair colour. So if you want. I got that.

Get it. If you want it. If you want a more vibrant colour than this, like. Make sure you have a lot more hair colour first.

So overall, it’s a good product. It does give you the colour. But the colour payoff and what it says the colour is is not what it is on the box whatsoever.

That was me doing my hat in the line in the violet colour from picks up paint.


Hope it was helpful to you as I tried to look for these videos myself and I couldn’t find any that were like helpful on the like. Very true, for they were all using like really bleach blonde hair, which I understand need to use that we could hire. But I saw them because my hair was quite low anyway. It would work, but not so well.

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