Fashion 101: How to Wear Cowboy Boots This Summer

Are you looking forward to busting out those cowboys for a brand-new look this summer? Do you have an “old faithful” pair of boots that you ride in all summer long? If so, then you need to think through how you’ll wear them.

First, you need to find the right pair. A pair that fits the style and comfort that you’re looking for. Then, you need to look for the right outfit to pair them with.

Let’s give it a go! See below for a list of ways you can wear cowboy boots to those summer concerts, cookouts, and more!

1. Tucked-In White Shirt

First things first, you have to find a high-quality pair of cowboy boots to rock this upcoming summer. View here for more information on the best cowboy boot styles on the market today.

Once you’ve got those boots in your arsenal, it’s all about finding a top and bottom that fits the look. Something cute and casual, yet appropriate to hit up the bar.

We realize that’s quite a combination, which is why you can’t go wrong with the classic tucked-in white shirt look. 

For maximum effect, we recommend some nice light-colored jeans to tuck the white shirt into, then putting the bottom of those jeans on the inside of your boots to show them off.

This outfit is perfect because it accentuates your style and figure. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, your crush will love seeing you flaunt your new cowboy swagger and showing off that booty of yours in some denim jeans.

This is an outfit that will stay fashionable forever. Why? Because it’s similar to what the cowboys of old used to wear! You’ll be a modern-day cowboy or cowgirl, who’s looking mighty fine under the summer sunsets! Who wouldn’t want to slide into your DMs with that look?

2. Tunic and Skinny Jeans Combo

Listen here, ladies, we want you to feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. Those cowboy boots are a fashion asset, not something to be hidden under your pants. In this article, we’re all about showing them off!

No matter what event or occasion this summer, you’ll look forward to wearing this comfy-yet-confident combination of tunic, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots!

We recommend stocking up on a tunic or two with summer colors. Perhaps finding a white tunic with summer colors around the trim? The options are virtually limitless!

Use your best judgment with skinny jeans. Remember, think about comfort. Of the three pieces to your outfit, the skinny jeans will fade in the background compared to your cowboy boots and tunic. Don’t stress out about them too much.

Just imagine how you’ll look when your crush looks over at you and sees your tunic and hair flowing in the wind! Another plus is that the cowboy boots give them an easy conversation starter. 

This is a perfect choice for those of you looking to differentiate your style, but wanting to stay comfortable with what you’re wearing.

3. Ankle-Height Cowboy Boots

Not all cowboy boots have to be the standard size. You can tone down the size of the boots and still get the full effect this summer.

Gals, you should consider buying yourself a pair of cute little ankle-high cowboy boots to wear as the temperature continues to rise. They go beautifully with jeans, so they’d match well with either of the clothing combinations listed above!

These are a great choice for anyone that wants their boots to be a compliment to their outfit, but not the focal point. 

If you want to direct people’s eyes to the top you’re wearing, then ankle booties are perfect. They’ll help you add a little height as well, making those legs appear longer and even more desirable.

As Nancy Sinatra once sang, “these boots are made for walkin'”. If you want these ankle booties to compliment your outfit, then that’s just what they’ll do!

4. Graphic Tees and Jean Skirt

Are you wanting to look like an all-time American classic? If so, then your cowboy boots are the perfect start. But why stop there?

We’re all-in on rocking throwback graphic tees this summer! It’s all about causing a blast from the past, making yourself look like you popped out of an episode of 90210.

Better yet, take those graphic tees and pair them with a jean skirt and your authentic cowboy boots. You’ll look like the epitome of every guy’s dream girl. Don’t hide those legs under jeans if you don’t want to. If you’ve got them, then flaunt them!

5. Summer Rompers

You’re about to be sitting in the hottest months of the year. Embrace that with a cute summer-style romper and cowboy boots to go with it. 

It will show off your desirable figure, but maintain a modest look that is appropriate for any occasion. 

A few years ago, rompers started making a comeback. We anticipate that they’ll be just as hot of an item this upcoming summer as well. They’re comfortable, cute, and go perfectly with your cowboy boots.

The best part is that experts are saying rompers are shaving years off the look of any woman. What more reason do you need to get a pair?

Wear Cowboy Boots to Your Heart’s Content This Summer

This summer is your summer. If you want to maximize your outfit every time you wear cowboy boots out in public, then use these tips to your advantage.

As we mentioned earlier, start by shopping for the boots themselves. Once you know which ones you’re buying, you can add other apparel pieces to match.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on summer outfits, as well as other topics that you will enjoy.

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