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13 Best Beauty Influencers to Follow on Social Media

As soon as you take an entry into the beauty world, you realize that nothing matters more than tricks and right products. If you have an eyeshadow kit from Mac or Huda Beauty, if you don’t know how to apply it right, then a big brand makes no difference. Whether you want to learn the beauty and makeup skills or get inspiration for aesthetic style and look, you need to follow some beauty influencers. The impact the beauty world, and products they always use to sell like a hot cake.

List of the 13 Best beauty influencers to follow on social media

 Chiara Ferragni

Some women are real inspiration for other women; they can teach you how to maintain home and business while taking good care of their babies. When it comes to a list of best beauty influencers, then the name of Chiara Ferragni pops up. She has more than 20 million followers on Instagram profile. She wears multiple hats:

  • running a successful retail business as an Italian entrepreneur
  • inspiring makeup artists as a beauty influencer
  • creating a sense of style as a fashion designer

Follow her on Instagram at @chiaraferragni 

Amra Olevic Reyes

If you want to learn the best way to mix up your makeup kit shades, no one can offer you better guidelines than her. Her sensational makeup touch brings an extra glam factor. Whether you want to pick the best outfit or makeup look, she has tons of demonstrations. What eyeshadow looks perfect with the casual dress? How to adore your look with a leather skirt? If that is your common question, this beauty influencer has a quick answer.

Follow her at Instagram @amrezy, where this beauty expert has 5.9 million followers.

James Charles

Some people are god-gifted, and James is one of them. He is such a talented person who can tell you how to apply makeup in the right way. He has won multiple awards based on his beauty skills. You can check his Instagram account and find tons of inspirational makeup looks and ideas. Based on his profound word, Cover Girl picked him as the first male brand ambassador. His god-gifted makeup talent let him win the heart of 18 million users of Instagram, where he is recognized as “makeup-guru.”

You can follow him at @jamescharles.


Manny Gutierrez

Whenever you think about beauty, then most of us associate it with females. Manny Gutierrez is one of those guys who think that men also need cosmetic recognition. He has more than 4 million Instagram followers. This beauty blogger shares unique beauty tips and tricks. After his name and fame on Instagram and Youtube, he became the first beauty ambassador of Maybelline. Lunar beauty is a beauty brand by Manny Mua.

 Follow him at Instagram @mannymua

Makeup By Mario

Do you want to learn the best makeup tricks and tips? I suggest starting to follow makeup by Mario on Instagram because that guy has magical hands. He can transform looks in a matter of seconds. He is quite famous among makeup enthusiasts due to TheMaster class. Another reason behind his popularity is that he worked with many top celebrities. If you are already following American reality star Kim Kardashian, you should also follow Mario as he did with that beauty diva.

Follow him at @makeupbymario on Instagram

Naomi Giannopoulos

You may not instantly recognize Naomi by her name, but when I say that she is Vegas Nay, you will smile and nod your head in Oh-yeah style. You have seen multiple examples of this beautiful artist. This famous superstar has always been listed among top makeup influencers. She got more than 6.7 million followers, which are increasing.

Follow her @vegas_nay on Instagram.

Nikita Dragun

When I first heard check her insta profile name “Mother of Draguns” then the scene of Games of Thrones popped up in my mind where Emily rode over dragons. I think Nikita got inspiration from GOT when it comes to selecting her name on Instagram. However, once I started following her, I realized that that name got another meaning. She is CEO of Dragon Beauty, which makes her The Mother of Draguns. She is also famous on Youtube. Her net worth is $400K.

 More than 6.4 millions people follow her on Instagram on username @nikita_dragun

Aimee Song

If you are confused about clothing and want to shop for something extraordinary, You should follow her. This beauty influencer of Instagram has almost 5.5 million followers who always like to explore her website. Her collection “Song of Style” brings a rhythmic appeal of outfit into life. The best thing about this beauty influencer is that she allows you to check her favorite clothing style on the website. So, if you like something that she has worn, you can buy it from the shop.

Follow her and explore her latest collection @aimeesong

Desi Perkins

People who want the best information about beauty, style, and life always follow Desi Perkins. She has been sharing informative and engaging beauty and style content since 2013. This beauty influencer of Instagram knows how to add value to her followers’ life through awesome content. She has got more than 4 million followers.

Jeffree Star

It would be unfair to forget about Jeffreestar when I share a list of best beauty influencers on social media. People call him a makeup magician who can transform your look in a matter of seconds and bring a wow-factor to almost every new makeup style. With more than 14.5 million followers on Instagram, he creates a real makeup buzz on social media. People like to follow him as he is a big advocate of cruelty-free makeup products.

You can follow him on Instagram @jeffreestar.


Makeup does not always use brush and shades, but it’s more about bringing the best looks and embracing the beauty of your facial features. In case you are ready to try some boldface of makeup, then you should follow her. She brings into light those ideas which you hardly think of. People who don’t mind playing with bold looks follow her. She has about 290k followers on Instagram. Follow her at @cutcreaser

Huda beauty

When we talk about a woman who can change the way makeup artists use eyelashes, then the name of Huda Kattan pops up in your mind. Huda beauty products have got enormous recognition all around the world. It’s not only 3D eyelashes that sell like a hot cake; makeup pallets from the Huda beauty line is something every woman wants to try for once. She has more than 47 million followers on Instagram; this cosmetic entrepreneur is also known for her fantastic beauty tutorials and product reviews.

Follow her @hudabeauty

Kandee Johnson

Another beauty influencer of social Media is Kandee Johnson; almost 1.5 million people follow her because she shares the best makeup and hair coloring tutorials. Whether you want to play with new bold hair colours or fascinating party looks, this beauty influencer has something unique for you.

You can follow [email protected] on Instagram.

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