Lemkova Brush

Lemkova Brush Review: Why should I Try?

Honest review of the lemkova brush: When it comes to hairbrushes, everyone has their favorites. Whether you prefer something more gentle or something with a bit more of a kick, you need the right brush for your type of hair. The lemkova brush provides excellent results for all types of hair. This honest review of the lemkova brush will give you an overview of what this amazing new product has to offer!

What’s the lemkova brush?

The lemkova brush is a great tool for people who suffer from any form of styling use. This tool was created by the founder of lemkovacelebrity.com, Alexa Karras. I would recommend this brush for people who want to achieve the perfect hairstyle every single day with no effort.

Why should I try the lemkova brush?

I started using the lemkova brush for about a month and I really liked it. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and easy to travel with. It’s suitable for use on both wet and dry hair. The bristles are synthetic which makes brushing easier and gentler on your scalp and hair.

How does it work?

The lemkova brush works in two ways. The first is that it uses electrostatic technology to remove dirt and debris from the teeth. The second way is it provides a gentle, yet effective massage to your gums, which in turn helps stimulate circulation.

The lemkova brush pros and cons

The lemkova brush is a great tool to use when styling your hair. It is perfect for adding volume at the root, or if you want to blow dry your hair straight. As with any brush, this one does have some pros and cons including the fact that it can shed bristles causing hairs to fly out of their path.


I bought the lemkova brush because it is very cheap, less than $20. It arrived in a plastic box with no instructions or any other product information on it. I don’t know how to use this brush, so I am writing this review of it. My first impression is that it feels like a cheap, plastic toy that can break easily. I would not recommend buying this product for anything more than fun.

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