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7 Destination for Female Solo Travel

Being a woman with an experience of solo traveling makes you realize how addictive it is. Solo traveling to a new place opens you to self-reflection and exploration and makes you understand how to be completely independent. There are many things that you will learn as you go solo traveling.

But you know what the best part about it is – that it’s super liberating. It makes you feel so free, alone in a new place where you can wholly feel yourself with wind following through your ears.

Note that if it’s your first time traveling solo, then you need to know that Europe is a great starting point. Also, other than below-mentioned destinations if you are planning to visit London then the London airport taxi would be available to accommodate you.

Here are a few destinations for female solo travel.

Seville – Spain:

Seville is a big city where you can get lost, but the actual thing is that it is small enough that you will never get or feel lost. It is located in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. Seville has a lot to offer you: bright-colored buildings, friendly locals, cobblestone streets, and great weather.

Do you know that Spaniards walk the most in comparison to the whole world? Following this, their cities are designed for walking. So wouldn’t that be great to explore the city feeling and enjoy it on your foot?

Copenhagen – Denmark:

Scandinavian countries are all very safe for anyone to visit, and Denmark is definitely on the list. The capital city of Denmark is home to several incredible cultures like Tivoli Gardens, Freetown Christiana, Nyhavn, Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen’s 17th-century Waterfront, and a lot more.

Moreover, this city features the most advanced transportation system is all around Europe. Its metro is great for you to visit all the city’s iconic spots.

Prague – Czech Republic:

This is the city that is also known as the city of hundred Spires. It is because of its stunning Gothic architecture. Prague is an unparalleled city that makes you go back to it again and again. It is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a great destination for solo female travelers because of its winding streets, historic bridges, famous squares, and fairy tale castles.

Cinque Terre – Italy:

The city of Cinque Terre is located on the rugged Italian Riviera. You should know that Cinque Terre is the most scenic destination all around Italy. All the centuries-old seaside villages are on the five different towns that are Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Visiting there gets super easy with the Cinque Terre train that frequently runs all year round to these five area villages. If you are going to travel, consider getting a Cinque Terre Card for both train and bus.

Women solo traveling will definitely enjoy the charm of the city as it’s comfortable and relaxing for you.

Budapest – Hungary:

Budapest is a city with magic having a lot of beautiful castles, history, unique bars, and medicinal and thermal springs. Budapest is quite a popular city for solo travelers, and it’s great for women too. Getting accommodation for this is easy too. Also, the city offers free three-hour-long walking hours that is a good opportunity for travelers to explore all the major attractions the city offers.

If you want to relax, sit back, and unwind after a lot of sightseeing in Budapest as a solo traveler, then go and spend a day at any thermal baths, quite refreshing.

Hamburg – Germany:

Big cities having a lot of the hustle and bustle is discouraged for the women traveling solo. But this does not mean at all that these kinds of cities are unsafe. In fact, it makes it easier for female solo travelers to go around on their own and explore several destinations.

Hamburg is a small old town and an alternative as leisure for Berlin’s big city. It is quite small that you can easily explore it on your foot, but you can still get lost because of its nightlife. However, there is a lot of food, architecture, and culture for your enjoyment.

Edinburgh – Scotland:

If you are a woman traveling on your own on New Year’s Eve and want to celebrate in a great location, then Edinburgh should be your choice. The city features the biggest New Year celebrations in entire Europe and for sure is a great place for you to spend time on the streets with locals and learn about them.

If you are a fan of culture, Edinburgh has that for you too, like the iconic Edinburgh castle with amazing New Year firework, Royal Mile, and Calton hill.

If you are done deciding the destination, then now is the time for packing for your solo travel to a new destination.


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