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Checklist to Launch the WordPress Site for Your Salon Business

Do you find it hard to maintain and optimize your WordPress website? If it is so, this article is a good read for you, as I am sharing with you the easy-to-follow checklist to use.

How often do you work on your website? Once in a while or every day?

Amidst all the chaos in our profession, it becomes a norm to ignore our website and have many unpublished blog content, spam-filled comments, plenty of plugins.

However, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Managing your WordPress website should be among the must-have skills like crafting the ideal business plan, doing taxes, etc.

Besides this, email marketing is ideal for your business if you are struggling to have a good lead flow every month.

Email marketing will help you reach as many people as you wish to, engage with your existing customers, and reach out to new prospects in a highly personalized manner.

If you wish to find someone’s email address to build your prospect list, you can use email lookup tools like

Now, keep reading this article to understand the ways to streamline your WordPress site.

Web Hosting

The key to successfully hosting a WordPress website is setting up web hosting. If you have an unresponsive, slow site, your visitors will drop off, and the bounce rate will increase. Isn’t it obvious?

There is a massive difference between a site that loads in just one second to a site that takes ten seconds, and if yours is like the latter, you are at a high risk of losing your users.

While choosing a hosting service provider, consider the following things;

The volume of bandwidth
The operating system – whether Windows or Linux?
Do they offer support for plugins?
The kind of backup support they offer, etc.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN alters the way your website deals with static content like javascript, images, and CSS. The Content Delivery network caches all your static content to generate a quick page loading, reduced response time, etc. And this helps to rank your site higher in the search engines.

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SEO Friendly Themes

On what basis have you been choosing the themes? I am sure the primary factor would have been how pretty the theme looked.

But the next time you look for a theme, choose the one that is SEO-friendly. How to find such themes? Here are some incredible line up of essential features that you should look for;

Schema Markups

This feature tells search engines where the relevant content is available on your theme.

Simple Design

A simple layout allows the users to navigate easily from one page to another page.


Choosing a responsive WordPress theme offers an overall good user experience; because Google gives an advantage to responsive websites in mobile device searches.

Cache Plugin

The cache plugin takes your web page load time to the next level, raises website performance, and converts dynamic content to static.

Final Thoughts

Launching your WordPress site could be a complex task with many components to consider. So, when you regularly update your checklist, you could make your site launch a bit smoother. The list I have shared here is just a few, and you could add a few more points to this.

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