Why you should try the forever Jewellery trend

Why you should try the permanent jewellery trend

In today’s world, we’re all looking for something unique, trendy, and meaningful that we can treasure for life and this has driven jewellery designers down increasingly fascinating pathways, away from throwaway pieces that are only designed to be worn for a short period of time, and towards jewellery that can be worn for an extended period of time.

The latest trend in jewellery is here to stay

If you’ve haven’t yet seen or heard about ‘permanent jewellery’, you’d be forgiven. It’s a relatively new thing – a trend that is still yet to spread across the world, but which has quickly gained popularity among the younger generation after first acquiring fame and popularity on the video-sharing app TikTok. As the name implies, permanent jewellery is intended to be worn forever. It is constructed without a clasp so that the wearer will never have to take it off and made from fine, dainty chains that are designed to withstand the daily demands of showers, swimming and exercise. Permanent jewelry is typically fashioned from very fine silver or gold chains, so it will not clash with your clothing or other jewelry, and it is quite comfortable to wear day in and day out. Permanent jewelry is also very affordable.

Why get permanent jewellery?

Many people are choosing to purchase jewelry designed to last forever because it is often highly sentimental. It’s a wonderful gift for couples, best friends, sisters, and mother-daughter pairs who wish to express their affection for one another in a unique way. It’s the perfect way for the wearer to symbolise everlasting love, because it is designed to be worn at all times.

For those who think they might change their mind however, there is no need to be concerned. Forever jewelry is quite simple to take off. If you decide that you’ve had enough of wearing your necklace or bracelet, all you have to do is clip it off with a pair of scissors. If you wish to put it back on later, most jewelers will be happy to re-solder it for you.

Getting a forever bracelet or necklace soldered into place is a somewhat more complicated process for both the purchaser and the jeweller than the standard shopping experience, but it is still relatively simple. Those interested in purchasing eternal jewelry will be need to make an appointment in order to select the chain of their choice. The process normally begins with a brief consultation with a jeweler before the chain is trimmed to size and soldered into place. The technique is quick, easy and completely painless thanks to a specialised welding instrument that is used by the majority of jewellers who specialise in permanent jewellery. Many aspects of the experience are comparable to getting a tattoo in that it is very sentimental and may be done in a group or with friends, but there is no pain involved with this procedure. If you’re looking for your next classic piece, this is a great trend to try out!

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