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Know the best-kept secrets of why women buy stunning silver earrings

If you want to know the best-kept secrets of why women buy stunning silver jewelry, especially earrings, you are in the right place. If there is one tiny thing that could transform a woman’s face, it is the earrings – it adds such volume and expressions to their face and gait!

With many dazzling designs and being inexpensive, it is one of the best ways to impress a woman. For time unknown, it is the silver jewelry that women are fond of wearing. And it is no different, even in this modern time. It has become more of a necessity than a luxury as, without earrings, the woman will not feel right or confident. You can find an earring costing from less than a hundred rupees to more than a lakh. There is a wide range of availability, not only cost-wise, but in styles, sizes, colors, and others make it the first choice for women to look beautiful. Continue reading to know more about the secrets of women wearing earrings made of silver.

In India, it is hard to find a woman without an earring even while at home. It is one of the essential wearings for women like dresses. But the fact is it costs even lesser than the dresses but could bring that gorgeous look for women. It is common in India that women of all ages wear earrings. And most of them have over one earring, whether it is gold or silver or other cheaper decorative earrings. But it is customary for all to wear an earring from a one-year-old girl to 100 years old woman.

The secrets of why women wear silver earrings

Though woman prefers gold as the first choice for jewelry in India, there are many reasons for women to choose silver earrings and include

  • The skyrocketing cost of gold has made it near to impossible for most women to buy multiple earrings in gold.
  • Since earrings are of daily usage, there are chances of the gold earrings getting lost, which could cost a lot of money to buy again.
  • As most Indian women need to have over one earring set, buying three or four gold earrings is only possible for the super-rich women.
  • As there is no need to burn the pocket for buying a pair of earrings made of silver, it is one of the inexpensive things that make women both happy and beautiful.
  • Earrings made of silver are far less expensive than gold earrings but could have the same look, properties like not rusting, breaking easily or fading or color changing, and many others.
  • Silver metal makes jewelry from ancient times, mainly because of its sparkling look and health benefits, many researchers have confirmed.
  • From being an anti-microbial agent to help blood circulation, avoiding toxic substances, and reducing anxiety, there are many health benefits of wearing silver jewelry.
  • Technological advancement helps make many designs for earrings with silver to suit the dress’s color or the occasion to stand out in the crowd.
  • Multi-colored earrings made of silver with dazzling designs, styles, shapes, and sizes make it the first choice for any woman in India.
  • One suitable earring made in silver online to suit their face shapes to look more beautiful and with the right design could look gorgeous.
  • Famous designers make fabulous earrings without box ideas that make even modern women going to offices to wear the right one as per the dress daily.
  • The options to choose the right earring made of silver are limitless, and with online selling, only the sky is the limit for women to choose the right earring.

The many types & designs of silver earrings

One gram of gold costs nearly 6,000 rupees, but one gram of silver costs only 69 rupees in India currently. With gold costing almost 100 times that of silver, jewelry made of silver in many types has become the first choice for Indian women now. There are no extra costs for making charges of dazzling designs and many stunning shapes and sizes. The following are the many types and designs of earrings made of silver.

  • Dangle earrings are the favorite among women for matching stones like delicate pearls or quartz stones to dangle along with the face to give that beautiful look.
  • Button earrings are the most versatile earrings that women can wear to the office or parties with features like Taxco silver contrasting with the bright blue chalcedony with a double knot below to get that gorgeous look.
  • Waterfall earrings have multi-colored stones from purple, pink, green, red, among others, seamlessly flowing down the silver chain to give that excellent look.
  • Chandelier earrings with garnet stones delicately dangling below will transform any shape of the face or color to look dangerously beautiful.
  • Bar earrings will give that bold look that is also tasteful for women who choose to look brave.
  • Ombre horn earrings are unique and show how a bull’s horn can also change into something beautiful, classy and change the women’s face from beautiful to gorgeous.
  • Drop earrings come in many forms to suit the outfit, and brilliant stones like the amethyst or swirly earrings will help make the most of the day.
  • Studs and hoops with stunning silver designs, styles, structures, sizes with spectacular stones give both antique and modern looks.
  • Many traditional silver jumkas like golden yellow jumkas, Meenakshi jumkas, Kashmiri jumkas, multi-layered, and multi-colored ones are the favorite of South Indians. Still, it suits all to have that beautiful look.

Silver earrings are the best jewelry that women could have at affordable costs and limitless choices. With online making it easy to select the right earrings, women can check the many dazzling designs, bright colors, beautiful styles, and stunning shapes and sizes to turn many heads. But it is essential to choose the right company to buy these tiny wonders to transform the looks for durability and cost-effectiveness.

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