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What To Wear? A V-Part Wig or A U-Part Wig?

Some hair stores introduce their new kind of human hair wigs i.e a U-Prat Wig and a V-Part Wig. Both are getting really very popular from the day of their launch. Both v-part wig and u-part wig get positive responses and comments from their buyers and become a new fashion icon itself. Still, some people can’t differentiate between the two wigs. Here in this article, we will 100% compare both wigs.

What is a U-Part Wig?

As the name shows that a click here is a hair extension sewn on a u-shaped wig cap.

It has u shape hole on its top area. You should free some of your hairs to cover this u shape area so you can achieve a beautiful natural look.

The Qualities Of A U-Part Wig

  1. It is made of purely natural human hair and is a totally chemical-free product. The wig hair is so soft with no tangles, no hair fall, and split ends.
  2. You can leave some of your free.
  3. Wonderfully mix and match with your own hairs
  4. It is glueless, lace-free durable, and breathable.
  5. It has clips and combs to strongly attach to your hair.

What Are The Benefits OF U-Part Wig?

  1. This u-part wig will merge with your own hair and provide you with a 100% natural look of hair.
  2. This u-part wig is consist of 100% virgin human hair so it can be bleached, dyed, straightened, highlighted or you can change it according to your wish
  3. If you feel hesitant that after some use your wig will shed hair or lose its grip then you must go to buy a u-part wig. That is because the wig is carefully sewn by machine with full accuracy.
  4. A u-part wig has super quality clips and combs inside the wig cap so you can easily install it within minutes.

What Is A V-Part Wig?

A v part wig no leave-out can be interpreted as a wig sewn on a v-shaped wig cap. The top area of the wig is in the shape of a letter V . You only need some strings of your hair to create a natural look with a v-part wig. It can easily install in 3 to 4 minutes

The Qualities Of A V-Part Wig

  1. Easy installation, very convenient and stunning
  2. There is no need to free or leave out your hair.
  3. No glue, no lace, no chemicals.
  4. Very perfect even if you have thin crown hairs.
  5. Can be converted to your desired style.

What Are The Benefits OF V-Part Wig?

  1. You can wear and remove a v-part wig very easily without the help of anybody else so it is your time saver.
  2. The price of a v-part wig is more budget-friendly than lace wigs because of its mechanical manufacturing.
  3. A v part wig gives a healthy volume to your actual hair and people with thin hair will love this look.
  4. You have required 0 mastery for using this wig. A beginner can easily put on and off v part wig every day.

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