What Is Brow Wax and Tint

What Is Brow Wax and Tint?

Although the eyebrows are a major feature in our appearance, many people don’t pay them the attention it deserves. Luckily, nowadays, brows procedures are more and more getting popular. Many new procedures are being developed, and social media is full of people sharing their experiences. Of all the procedures available, two are an outstanding success: the brow wax and tint. But what are they? Do they hurt? Are they safe? Let’s find out the truth behind them.

What is brow wax?

An eyebrow wax is a treatment created to shape your brows and eliminate unwanted hair. It is quite simple; all you need to do is explain to the esthetician the brow style you want. Afterwards, they’ll put some wax in the necessary areas so your brow will look just like you wanted it.

This is a completely customized experience. Your eyebrow will look exactly as you’ve requested it. It is more than just removing stray hair; it’s a process of shaping and designing your brows. The final result can improve if you go through the brow tint process.

What is a brow tint?

The eyebrow tint treatment is created to, as the name shows, add color and shape to your brows. It is especially used by people with light brows, such as naturally blonde people. However, anyone can go through it. Making your brows darker makes them look fuller and bolder.

The process is also simple; a semi-permanent dye is used to enhance, define and shape your brows. This product is applied just like normal hair tint is applied on hair. You can see the difference as soon as the treatment is over. Your brows will instantly look fuller.

Are they safe procedures?

Yes! Both procedures are perfectly safe. The wax used is generally a vegan product made of honey or sugar and lemon. The tint used is just like hair tint. However, it is better to do both procedures in a place that you trust, and that is certified. Many salons try to avoid costs by using low-quality products that can trigger some negative symptoms in people.

Do they hurt?

No! Although they can be a little annoying, both processes are painless. Several people shared their experiences online, and most say that the procedures were not painful.

Do the procedures take a long time?

They are both quick procedures. The brow wax estimated time will depend on your brows and the design you want, but it usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes. The brow tint also commonly lasts 15 minutes. You can do both during a lunch break, and it’ll still last time for you to lunch.

How long do the results last?

The tint usually lasts anywhere from three to six weeks. You can go to the salon to make touch-ups, so it lasts longer. The brow wax results last as long as your hair takes to grow back, which is usually some weeks.

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