What are the main elements of a Lolita Coord

What are the main elements of a Lolita Coord

Lolita Coord is a term used to describe a fully coordinated Lolita outfit. A lolita dress have different parts from head to toe. Here are some key features or elements that are a part of Lolita Look (If you’re interested in lolita products, you can visit lolitainside.com, which is an online store dedicated to lolita clothing.)


Bloomers are a kind of underpants with almost knee-length. They are loose, baggy and comfortable underwear that are designed to gather at the knees. Once they were known as symbols of women’s rights, now they are worn to show modesty. In Lolita fashion, the main purpose to wear a bloomer is to secure the safety of the private parts of women and to prevent any mishap( in case the skirt is blown away). Some people do not think it necessary to wear it but it is a classic way of showing modesty in Lolita fashion.

Skirts Or JSKs

Lolita dresses are of two types, one the Jumper skirts and the other is one piece or asingle piece. There are several types of skirts available in Lolita fashion including bell-shaped, Aline, empire shaped, high waisted, flared, pleated and bustle skirts. The selection of skirts also depends on the sub-style you are following. For example, in classical Lolita solid coloured A-line skirts with floral patterns are popular.


Petticoats are considered one most integral part of a Lolita dress. Some Lolita wearers state it as one of the “rules of Lolita” to always wear a petticoat. A Petticoat is an underskirt that is worn to add volume to a Lolita dress and give a proper shape to the skirt. Ruffled petticoats with Laces are preferred. The most common colours of petticoats are black, white and off-white, however, exceptions are always there.


Jumper skirts can not be worn without blouses. A Lolita blouse is an upper garment featured with neckties, bows, frills and laces. Chiffon and lace blouses are most popular but the fabric can be changed depending on the weather. Specs of blouses vary with the substyle. For instance, Peter pan collared blouses with frills and bows are common in sweet Lolita. While in Gothic Lolita, square collar blouses of dark colours are popular.


Mary Janes are the most popular in Lolita fashion as they add more “cuteness” to a Lolita. These are round-toed shoes with a buckled strap that looks more like school-going girls’ shoes, used in all substyles but give a more classical vibe. Shoes play a key role in coordinating your Lolita dress. So, picking the right pair of shoes that matches your substyle and outfit, is important. Black Knee-high boots, platforms and lace-up high heel boots are the gothic style shoes. Rocking horse and ballet flats go with a sweet or classical Lolita dress.

Socks/stockings or Tights

Ankle length orquarter-lengthh socks,knee-highh stockings or tights are used to cover the legs. Socks usually have frills and are used with Mary Janes in classical and sweet Lolita styles. Opaque Stockings of black or white colour, are worn witha gothic Lolita dress. Some Lolita prefer to cover whole legs by wearing tights of the base colour.


Hair accessories are the most important thing in developing a Lolita coord, as a look always starts from head to toe. Cute Headbands, Alice bows, and tiny hats are popular to style hair like a Lolita. Other accessories may include purses, rosy lace jewellery and a parasol(during Summers).

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