What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Waxing

What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Waxing?

When it comes to waxing, males and females are pretty much the same. After all, hair is hair, and waxing is waxing. Well, no, not really. The trouble is that when it comes to waxing, males and females are a lot alike, but with a few significant differences.

Women tend to have waxing done on their faces, legs, and underarms. By contrast, Males have waxing done on their arms, chests, and backs, more often than not. The waxing tools are virtually the same: warmer, wax, applicators, professional hard wax kit, and more. The use of these items on males and females is explained below.

Waxing for Women

Waxing women have extreme variations from men, but for certain treatments, their services vary. These include the variety of bikini areas and leg treatments they request. Since waxing is good for removing hair down to the follicle, most women choose to have waxing done to minimize the shaving amount they have to do. Other waxing is done that otherwise would be too time-consuming, such as with the eyebrows. Skin sensitivity is also a major reason many women opt for waxing.

Here is a shortlist of the most common areas that women have waxing:

The Hairline:

Extra unwanted hair along the hairline, including sideburns and the back of the neck, are common requests for waxing services since left undone, these often give an unkempt look. Women often have very precise hairline waxing done.


Eyebrow waxing is one of the most common services requested at beauty salons. Plucking eyebrows with tweezers is a pain and doesn’t last very long. Waxing the eyebrows, by contrast, lasts much longer.

Chin and Lips:

Women who have hair growth in unwanted places often choose to wax to clean up these areas. Waxing treatments for women can remove hair from areas such as the chin and lips.


Every part of the legs has hair that grows very fast. The hair on the legs, feet, and toes often must be shaved six to eight times a month. With a good waxing treatment, hair is removed for at least two months.

Sensitive Areas:

Waxing in what could best be described as “sensitive and difficult areas” such as the bikini line is very popular in hair salon.

Waxing for Men

In many ways, waxing for men is very similar to that of women, with some important differences. Hair density on the face makes waxing almost impossible, but men do have waxing done on their eyebrows to avoid the “unibrow” look.

Waxing in other areas are still popular for men. Check out the list below.

The Chest:

Many men have their chest hair waxed for a wide variety of reasons.

For some, removing chest hair allows them to show off the muscles’ development in their chest and abs. Others prefer a smooth chest. Waxing the chest also helps a man keep up with hair growth.

The Back:

The hair on some men makes them look like gorillas. This is particularly true for men with too much back hair. Many consider back hair unsightly, and shaving the hair on one’s own back is almost impossible. Further, waxing lasts longer than shaving.


Arm hair growth is another area that is difficult for men to keep up with, and many men don’t like shaving their arms. For this reason, many men who have what they consider to be excessive hair growth on their arms prefer to have them waxed.

It might be evident that waxing for men and women is significantly different, but to a great extent, the reasons they do it are much the same. Fortunately for both, the results are fantastic.

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