Update Your Face Cleansing Regimen with These 3 Easy Tips

Are you still using soap to clean your face?

While traditional bar soap is good enough to remove dead skin cells and wash away oils and dirt, it’s not the best face cleanser for any skin type. Remember, conventional soaps usually have a high pH, disrupting skin’s natural pH levels (around 5.5).

The good news is you have better face cleansing alternatives such as gels, creams, and even water-activated powders. Now, if you’ve already tried different cleansers but want to level up your face-washing routine, you’re in luck.

Here are some tips that can help change the way you wash your face for the better.

Build a Face Cleansing Wardrobe

No rule says once you found your HG (holy grail) face cleanser, you should never try other products.

Like choosing what to wear based on your mood or the season, you don’t have to stick to the same cleanser year-round. Don’t forget that skin’s hydration and oil levels fluctuate throughout the year. Aging and hormonal changes could also make your old face wash not as effective as it used to.

Of course, if your skin is sensitive and reacts negatively to new products, you can keep using the facial cleanser that has always worked for you. Another way to minimize skin reactions is to use products from the same line or brand. Or, if you want to experiment, opt for a proven gentle but effective cleanser.

Double-Cleanse as Needed

What is double-cleansing? It’s when you use an oil or balm first to remove makeup and sunscreen, then using a gentle wash or gel to cleanse your skin. If you’re already double-cleansing and don’t see any improvements in your skin, you could be overdoing it.

You don’t always need to double-cleanse, especially if you’re only at home and not wearing heavy oil-based makeup. There’s also no need to double-cleanse for a long time. The more you work in oils and balms into your face, the more you agitate your skin and cause broken capillaries.

Aim for 30 to 45 seconds, and use gentle motions. Be sure to use oil or balm meant for your facial skin type and stay away from “natural” but pore-clogging oils like olive or coconut oil.

Try Micellar Water or Just Water

The usual advice is to wash your face twice a day. If you’re super busy, though, you might find it challenging to follow.

For days when you’re feeling lazy, you can use micellar water. It’s an ultra-gentle liquid that’s a combination of micelles or mild cleansing agents and water. What’s great about it is anyone can use it regardless of skin type.

You can also try using only water in the morning and washing with a face cleanser at night. This way, you can give your skin a break and let it breathe from time to time.

Wash the Matter?

You’ve ditched the soap, and you’re using a gentle cleanser. You also don’t double-cleanse as often, and you’ve tried the micellar water or only water face cleansing method.

If these tips are working for you, that’s awesome. But if you feel like there’s more you can do to improve your skin routine, you absolutely can. Check out our other posts for more skin tips and advice.

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