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Choosing the Right Types of Makeup For Your Event

There are various types of makeup available in the market today, which makes it difficult to choose which type is appropriate for you. There are also varying brands, types of cosmetics, and instructions for application from different types of make-up artists. If you do not want to experiment with your make-up then there is no harm in sticking to the traditional types of makeup like powder, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss. However, if you are seeking for something more exotic, here are some types of cosmetics that you might want to try out.

powder based makeup

Powder Based Makeup:

Powder is one of the oldest forms of makeup. This makeup is often used by makeup artists because it is easy to apply and does not cake on your face during the day. A powder-based makeup usually comes in two categories; creamy and oil-based. The former is usually used by makeup artists for daytime wear and oily-based is for night-time wear.

Oil Based Makeup

Oil Based Makeup:

Oil-based makeup is a more lightweight option as compared to the previous mentioned type. This type of makeup gives an airbrushed look, which some women love. This type of makeup tends to stay on all day long; however, it tends to fade away by the time you reach your office. Women who love wearing this type of makeup artistically apply one layer and let it dry before applying another layer. It is best applied when applying powder with a damp sponge rather than using a brush.

Silicone Based Makeup

Silicone Based Makeup:

Silicone-based makeup is ideal if you are spending long hours indoors. Silicone based makeup generally stays on for long hours without the user feeling any greasiness or nakedness. In fact, this type of makeup gives the skin a flawless appearance. Some women who enjoy wearing silicone based makeup adore the silky texture it lends to the skin. Most silicone based products have an SPF factor that keeps your skin nice and fresh.

Compacted Minerals:

Compacted minerals are made up of finely ground natural rocks. These fine stones are combined together to create a loose powder to give you a smooth and natural-looking finish. Mineral makeup generally provides a polished look that lasts throughout the day. This is one of the few types of makeup that do not clog pores and can provide a beautiful natural glow to the skin. Mineral makeup does not provide any coverage, and is best suited to fair complexions. Pressed mineral foundations are also available for those who prefer a loose powder foundation.

Pressed Mineral Foundation:

Like pressed compressed minerals, mineral makeup is available in a variety of shades. The shade you choose will depend on your skin tone and your desired look. Mineral makeup can be applied with a sponge or a brush. Mineral powder foundations keep their fresh look for hours at a time, even after you take off your makeup.

Water-Based Makeup:

There are many different types of water-based makeup available. Water-based makeup has no oils, talc or fragrance, and can help provide a natural, healthy and fresh look throughout the day. This type of makeup may be best suited to those who participate in a casual party setting and wish to have a fresh look throughout the evening. A water-base will give you a matte and natural look, while other brands may have SPF, sun protection or oil protection ingredients.

Airbrushed Makeup

Airbrushed Makeup:

Airbrushed makeup is very similar to pressed make-up, but airbrushing adds in extra elements such as eyeliner and lip gloss. This type of make-up is applied by pumping air into a tube. The powder or cosmetic turns into a liquid that goes on smooth and silky with a lot of shine and color. Airbrushed makeup gives you a beautiful look that looks natural, doesn’t settle into your skin, and doesn’t smear. Airbrushed makeup can be applied over almost any type of skin texture and can last for hours.

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