Alyssa Milano’s long layers

Top Celebrity Hairstyles for You

Worrying about how to look best in a party or important event? Don’t worry now! Here is the list of top and trending hairstyles worn by celebrities to help you choose one for yourself. When it comes to celebrities, there is a lot of out there. So, we have picked the 10 most amazing hairstyles which can get easily and provide the same gorgeous look.

Alyssa Milano’s long layers

Decent yet stunning use of layers is what Alyssa’s long layer style is about. A center part gives you a girl next door look which every woman desires to have. You can get this hairstyle with the help of ghd hair products.

Blake Lively’s classic half updo

Now here is a look that can go with lots of different hair cuts or hair lengths. Blake’s hairstyle is something g which is being followed by lots of women for its simplicity and awesome stylish appearance. Simply part your top hair and put it in a ponytail.

Demi Lovato’s vampire red curls

This edgy red colour usually not a red that is found in nature, but it looks eye-catching and fabulous. It not only appears killing but also surely knocks their socks off with its long and shiny red curls. a curling wand or ghd curl hold spray can help to achieve this hairstyle.

Gigi Hadid’s long spirals

Long yet somehow loose spiral curls of Gigi Hadid is getting all the attention and is extremely appealing for its hot and spicy appearance. The dark blonde colour which she owns looks so natural as well as super stylish to look gorgeous at a party.

Jennifer Lawrence’s half up half down

Jennifer’s half up half down look is awesome because it is simple and beautiful at the same time. To get the same look just pull the half or top hair into a loose ponytail and leave the other part down. some holding spray can help to get a bit of wave to your look.

Kiera Knightly’s dark brown layers with caramel tips

Kiera’s look has taken to go with the trending hairstyles of having some contrasting hair colour, even if it is only at the tips. This look of Darcy’s Elisabeth is something new and very comfortable for every girl.

Selena Gomez’s cherry coke auburn layers

The colour of Selena’s layers is enviable and who doesn’t love the thickness and volume with long mane. A body wave or ghd v gold classic styler can help you to get this hairstyle.

Taylor swift’s basic updo with bangs

The Taylor Swift’s ballerina or princess quality updo with a front bang is something which is a desirable updo for every girl in town. This long blunt bangs and the simple top knot is an ideal hairstyle to go with a gown.

Choose one wisely for your hair type and enjoy the celebrity look and attention every day!

Just remember that even if you cannot get one of these hairstyles on your natural hair, there are lots of wigs out there that can give you the desired look. 

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