Top Benefits of Kemper Profiler

The Top Benefits of a Kemper Profiler

The Kemper Profiler is a cutting-edge digital guitar amplifier and effects processor in one. The PROFILER is the first electronic guitar amp to truly nail the full and dramatic sound of a guitar or bass amp, and it’s been hailed as a game-changer by guitarists worldwide. This is made possible by “PROFILING” – a revolutionary, patented technology, and concept.

For decades, the tube amplifier has been the only way to achieve “that sound” for the electric guitarist, a miraculous mix which is far from perfect. Guitarists have been frustrated by the difficulty of achieving a constant sound from the practice room to the studio and, particularly, to the stage, since the early 1940s.

Let’s look into the topmost advantages that the Kemper profiler provides.

Faster Music

When you want to record, nothing stifles innovation like trying to find an amp sound. One of the best features of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA) is the ease with which it can track guitars without becoming tangled up in cords, pedals, mics, amps, and speakers. You may download profiles and create a terrific sound ready to record with barely any tweaking needed.

This characteristic may not be distinctive in and of itself. But it’s the KPA’s ability to recreate these complex amp textures that sets it apart. Even picky guitarists will be happy with the Kemper’s amp authenticity — touch, feel, and sound — and with ease of accessing the appropriate profile (the perfect profile is crucial!).

Another handy feature is the Kemper’s customizable analog and digital outs, which allow you to record a dry device signal on a different track in your DAW. This means that if your tone doesn’t work with other instruments (drums, vocals) down the line, you may re-amp directly through the Kemper.

Archiving Amplifiers

It’s no mystery that guitarists alter amps as frequently as the seasons change — and that they frequently live to regret it. With the KPA, your favorite amp can live on in spirit even after severing ties or changing the speaker or tubes if you have a well-captured profile and a good backup procedure.

You’re not just getting a generic AC30 with the Kemper; you’re receiving virtual photographs of your own perfectly repaired 1964 AC30/6, all in an easy-to-travel compact piece that won’t jeopardize the life of your old trusted device.

The KPA isn’t a substitute for your tube amps because close-miking a guitar cab is fundamentally different from listening to an amp in a room, so trying to capture that enchantment with the Kemper can be a fruitless endeavor. There’s nothing quite like feeling your knees tremble in front of a loaded speaker cab. No, the Kemper shines in recording and live performance situations, which almost always uses close-miking techniques.

Lighter Gigs

The KPA is intriguing to gigging guitar and bass musicians since all you need is a Kemper, a PA, and an instrument with which to perform. The KPA’s Performance Mode cycles up to five separate tones each song through the switcher knob or a simple 2-way footswitch. With the rotation of a knob, you can create complete sets of songs out of all of your favorite gear.

Even if your compositions use numerous tones throughout (intro: clean, chorus: crunchy, etc.), it’s absurd how much flexibility you can have directly at your feet using Kemper’s official remote pedal, which comes packed with many of Sweetwater’s Kemper heads.

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