Top 10 Most Forgotten Things While Planning a Wedding

Top 10 Most Forgotten Things While Planning a Wedding

Finally, you think you are done making plans for your wedding. Everything has been prepared and well organized. But before popping the bottle for celebration, are you sure you remembered everything for the big day itself? Despite your earnest attempts to pave way for the wedding, you may have that pestering inclination that you are missing something significant. Relax, you are in the right place.

This article addresses the top things that are easy to forget while planning for your coming wedding. The majority of these are minor and can easily be dealt with and gathered in your sacks to bring to the setting.

Read on to avoid some silly mistakes.

Unforgettable Things to Include in Your Wedding Plan

Some things are easy to forget while making plans for your wedding. If you put them first, you can reduce the stress they may cost you later. Below are 10 of the most forgettable things during a wedding plan.

Examine the venue for décor impediments

Sure, the sparkling look of the venue may look appealing to you in pictures, you still need a proper inspection. Also, the venue could be well kept, however, they may not permit you to hang or place anything from the rafters.

Furthermore, rice isn’t usually tossed during weddings since birds can stifle it. Ensure that you thoroughly go through the contract of the venue. Discuss the vision of your wedding with the venue’s manager because there might be limitations to what you can include and exclude.

The weather

Another thing that is often forgotten while planning for a wedding is the weather. Having a contingency plan for bad weather is important. Also, you may not understand that it’s essential to watch out for what time the sunsets are. Sunset is great for taking amazing pictures!

Your photographer may give you a clue about the infamous brilliant hour, the period in the blink of an eye before dusk that is generally the ideal chance to take outside wedding photographs. This is certainly worth fitting to your course of events.

Plan for an “unplugged” wedding

As you will be paying for an expert photographer, the last thing you need is 27 iPhones showing up in your function photographs. Request that your visitors keep the telephones, tablets, and massive cameras at home (or possibly under their seats) to allow your hired picture taker to capture those dazzling, unhampered shots of your stroll down the aisle. You may inform your guests to put their phones in silence before the event commences.

Having an emergency kit

A wedding-day emergency kit is often forgotten when planning for weddings. This kit consists of a small cosmetics bag loaded emergency. It fixes different issues. For instance, if you have a heavy headache before the ceremony, you can use an Advil. For issues relating to the corners of your eyelashes, simply whip out a container of DUO. Also, whenever you spill some red wine or bust a crease, then you can use some Shout Wipes and a little sewing pack. From twofold-sided tape to antiperspirant, an emergency pack can be a genuine lifeline on the much anticipated day.

Vendor’s contact

Remember to have the contact details of your vendor(s). A helpful tool to save the vendors’ contact addresses is Google Drive. It helps you keep a running list of all vendors alongside their contact data. This is key especially when you need to urgently reach out. These records are hosted on the web and can be shared among people. You can always access them via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Incorporate some cushion into your budget spend

Be prepared for hidden fees as well as other expenses while making plans for your wedding. This is important but often neglected. Make provision for a cushion. Experts often recommend adding at least 5% of your overall financial plan as support to take care of any unexpected expenses.


When the coordination of the whole day is planned out, everything works smoothly. Here are some of the things to plan for regarding the transportation of your wedding day:

  • Wedding car for yourself and your father, then, for you and your hubby

  • Bridesmaid vehicle for the bridesmaids and flower girl

  • Groom’s car for him and his folks

  • Guests without transport

A wedding website

It’s also cool to build your wedding website, before mailing save-the-dates. Although you don’t need to fully complete your website, just make sure that you have already secured a URL (domain name) to be included in the cards.

Have the basic details about your wedding on your website – the location and close hotels, for instance. Some people are usually very eager to get the save-the-dates out because they don’t think that it takes six weeks to two months before the wedding is too late for out-of-town or foreign guests to make travel arrangements.

Using the right invitation postage

The size and weight of your invitations are key. Ensure that you use the right postage also. Don’t forget that extra charges may be attached to square envelopes and a few enclosures

Yes, this can escape everyone’s notice because people often neglect to ask or don’t have a clue about numerous numbers guidelines from the mail centers.

Wedding dresses

Don’t be like many couples who neglect to plan for their wedding dresses and suits. Assign a friend or relative to help you get your dress or return a leased tuxedo. This will make things easier. Aside from the catering services, the wedding dress should be the next on your wedding to-do list. Also, waiting at the last minute to plan for a wedding dress can be disastrous.


Planning for a wedding can be tedious. A lot of activities will occur before a wedding, this makes it easy to forget even some vital things. If you forget things easily, you can consider the ideas discussed here.

Every small detail makes a wedding a memorable occasion. Finally, consider getting a non surgical brow lift and neck lift to improve your looks.

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