The Top Natural Hair Vloggers You Should Be Following

Many Black women in the UK and US proudly proclaim #TeamNatural these days and are loving their curls and coifs. It’s free-spirited and fun. The natural hair movement has made its way into the mainstream beauty industry but bloggers have been able to create a space for information, tips, reviews, and styling techniques. 

Whether you have just started your natural hair journey, or are already natural and want some inspiration, these are my four favourite natural hair vlogs and blogs I think you should be reading and watching:


By far my favourite UK natural hair Vlogger. She’s been posting videos on Youtube since 2011 and covers everything from hair regimens, DIY oil recipes to product reviews. I love her cause she keeps it “real” so to speak and isn’t afraid to say when she dislikes a product. It makes her all the more trustworthy when she makes a recommendation.


Known as the “Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging”, Patrice Grell Yursik is a writer from Trinidad that created Her award-winning blog celebrates natural hair and she has been featured in Ebony, Essence, and Glamour magazines. You definitely want to visit her blog for all things natural.

My Natural Sistas

in 2011, three sisters formed to celebrate women with natural hair and those thinking of going natural. Their popular blog is an amazing platform for discussions, as well as advice and support. Carmen, India, and Toni are the Sistahood for real.

Beautiful Brwn Baby Dol

Dr Nina, a.k.a. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, is a professor, speaker, and naturalist. Nina’s popular blog takes a look at the psychological issues of being natural. With over 250,000 subscribers, she’s been named as a Top 10 Natural Hair Blogger. With plenty of tips and tutorials, this doctor is one to take off.

While there will always be new natural hair mavens to grace the blogs, these are three worth giving a read.

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