Cowgirl Wedding Dress

The Perfect Cowgirl Wedding Dress

Camouflage is more than just a country or southern thing. Camo Lingerie and Huntress Bra and Panty Sets are some of our best sellers. Camo underwear is still one of the best selling patterns on the market. But remember that there are many different options just from the pattern choices alone including Marsh, Traditional Tree and Lead, Deep Forest and much more. Then you get to choose from the different colour choices ranging from a blaze orange to a snow-white, pink that is always one of the very best and of course the traditional green-based pattern that kicked the whole thing off. And did we mention Army types of camo like Desert, Woodlands and Digital to name a few? Whatever you might be looking for make sure to check out how a little lace can take sexy to a whole new level.

Wedding Themes Are Inspiring Lingerie Including Country and Cowgirl.

When you think of weddings you don’t always think of cowboy, cowgirl, rodeo, hunting, fishing, climbing, hiking, boating but when it comes to some of the top wedding themes that is exactly what people are looking for. If you search Cowgirl boots and wedding dresses online you will be shocked at the number of searches each month that there are google for just that term and then of course all the off shoots of that.

When it comes to country and southern the most sold pattern is Hunting Camo as in the Huntress patterns. In this pattern alone you can choose from camo lingerie sets or individual pieces such as corsets, thongs, g strings, wedding garter belts, booty shorts and much more. Within each one of these products you can choose from blaze orange patterns which are typically purchased more in the fall and winter. The white snow tree pattern is one of the top sellers for lingerie to camo rings in the late fall and winter time.

The Newest Southern Wedding Panty Traditions

One of the latest trends is called panty traditions. This is where the bride is given an extra special pair of panties that she is supposed to wear during her honeymoon or maybe even the wedding night. We know southern girls are sassy but what the bride and bridesmaids are doing now is flashing their panties to show funny or clever sayings – when they have their full wedding dress on.

Camo Bralettes With Matching Panty Choices Are Hot

Bralettes aren’t just going strong – they are the top choice for the 16 to 24 age category. You will find different camo bralettte patterns such as Huntress, ShapeShift, Wilderness Dreams, Mossy Oak and Realtree and sometimes you see Browning with Buck and Doe Logo on some intimate apparel items. Check out the wine colour or purple lace options that the staff of ladies here love. Choose from larger bra sizes up to 2x full bottom, boy short and thong panty options.

Cranberry lace on the panty and also on the bra are matching. Yes, these are great for honeymoons, welcome home, just married and of course the absolute foundation for any country wedding theme.

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