Summer Fashion For Men Our Guide

Summer Fashion For Men: Our Guide

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start planning for summer events and figuring out what your wardrobe is going to look like. When it comes to fashion in the summer, it is important to think of things that will keep you cool during the heat as well as looking stylish. Before you start looking to buy a new summer wardrobe, it would be a good idea to go through the clothes you have and work out what you like and what you can get rid of. Once you have done that, then you can start shopping around for some new summer bits and if you need any inspiration, then keep on reading for our summer fashion guide for men.


Although British summer can be unpredictable, it is better to be prepared with swimwear, just in case the sun makes an appearance. Additionally, if you are tired of waiting for the British sunshine, then you may have a holiday booked abroad which you need to prepare for. Make sure you have a good collection of swimwear so you can alternate your looks throughout the summer. The great thing about men’s swim shorts is that lots of them double as actual shorts, so even if you aren’t splashing in the pool, you can still have funky shorts to wear. However, if swimming is your thing, then make sure you swim in style with Orlebar Brown swim shorts. Buy a few pairs of swim shorts so that you have a good variety of options this summer. A lot of swim shorts are usually the statement piece of an outfit, so why not try and find some bright and colourful swim shorts to stand out in the crowd? Dress elegantly with our range of Strawin White Mens Polo Shirts from 883 Police Choose from regular and slim fit polos in black and white colours.

Colour and Prints

As mentioned above, colours and prints are a great way to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed. When shopping for your new summer wardrobe, get creative and invest in some clothing that has bright colours and prints. Nothing says summer more than a Hawaiian shirt, so perhaps have a shop around and see if you can find a cool, funky shirt. The great thing about these sorts of funky shirts is that they are pretty easy to style. The colour and the pattern pretty much speak for themself, so all you have to do is pair them with some plain shorts or trousers. If you wanted a more casual look with your shirts, you could layer them with a vest top underneath and leave the shirt unbuttoned. This paired with some casual summer shorts is a great outfit for a low-key summer party or barbeque.


The next thing to consider for your summer fashion is accessories. Accessorising outfits is something that holds a lot of weight in e women’s fashion industry, but that doesn’t mean men cannot accessorise too. When planning your outfits this summer have a think about what you can do to add something extra to your look. Of course, for summer, the most popular accessory would be sunglasses, so, make sure you have a good few pairs you can style with different looks. Additionally, consider investing in some good quality pieces of jewellery that could elevate your look. They do not necessarily have to be huge statement pieces, but something simple like a classic gold chain or a small hoop earring could bring a lot to your outfit. However, if you do fancy going for something that is a bit more out there or ambitious, then why not try painting your nails or experimenting with some make-up looks. Gender-bedding is huge in fashion at the moment, so now would be a good time to get creative with your looks.

Versatile Shoes

Finally, what outfit is complete without some great shoes? Sometimes when it comes to shoes for summer, it can be difficult to get them right. You want shoes that are light on the feet, but also stylish. When building your summer wardrobe, consider investing in a good selection of shoes that are versatile for occasions. If you have a day of hanging by a pool, then your best bet will be either flip-flips or boat shoes. However, if you are planning a nice summer evening meal then you will be needing something a little smarter. Invest in a good pair of smart trainers or smart summer shoes that you can pair with your evening outfits. Both of these will ensure that you are kept smart, but comfy throughout the night. Having a good selection of shoes is never a bad idea as it means you will always have options to choose from. As mentioned in the introduction, the British summer is very unpredictable, so you must have plenty of shoes, so you are prepared for any occasion or weather.

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