Simple tips to help prevent acne

Acne is one major problem every woman and man encounters at certain stages of their lives. It is a skin condition that occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. If left untreated, this condition can leave permanent scars on the body of affected individuals.

For most, it occurs only during puberty, while for others it pops up constantly during female pregnancies, periods of intense physical stress, or other major biological changes. There are generally four types of acne, they consist of cyst (being the most severe), papules, pustules, and nodules.

According to dermatology clinical research, medical treatment of acne depends on certain factors such as the type of acne, location on the skin, period of the breakout, and age of the individual. Some medications often recommended by dermatologists for extreme cases include benzoyl peroxide, a retinoid, chemical peels, laser or light therapy, corticosteroids injections, antibiotics, microdermabrasion, birth control pills, and a change of diet.

Prevention, they say, is always better than cure. While certain hormonal imbalance plays a huge role in the cause of acne, when individuals grow past the stage of puberty, this condition can be prevented.

Ways you can prevent a breakout from occurring

We have carefully selected a few tips to help you prevent acne. Below are some of these simple techniques.

Be mindful of your face

It is necessary to wash your face at least two times daily. This helps to eliminate dirt, dead skin cells, and additional oil from the surface of your skin. When washing your face, endeavor to use lukewarm water or a gentle face cleanser. It would be unwise to use harsh chemicals as this will only cause skin irritation.

Exfoliating your face weekly will help in its rejuvenation. While bathing, avoid using hard sponges to scrub your face, instead, use soft towels. Set a reminder to always wash your towels, pillows, sheets or any material often used on your face weekly. Lastly, avoid touching your face to prevent transferring bacteria.

Moisturize your skin

Acne is not limited to your face alone, oftentimes they spread to your neck and chest regions. Keeping your skin constantly moisturized helps in preventing acne.

Because we each have different skin types, various brands make moisturizing products custom-made to meet the needs for each skin type. When purchasing moisturizers, request for one that matches either your oily, dry, or mixed skin type.

Avoid using too much makeup

Learn to let your skin breathe. Makeups are produced from the combination of various chemicals, these chemicals when consistently applied can leave your skin clogged.

If you are currently experiencing breakouts avoid using foundations or oily powders. When wearing makeup, always endeavor to wash it off before retiring to bed.

Always wear a sunscreen

Irrespective of skin color, it is important to always wear sunscreen. Constantly exposing the skin to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight will lead to hyperpigmentation, redness and irritation.

In your skincare routine, wearing sunscreen, is always a great idea. You could also try covering up more with protective clothing, especially during the summer.

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