Review of By Kilian A luxury perfume brand

Review of By Kilian – A luxury perfume brand

Review of By Kilian – A luxury perfume brand. The fragrance industry is a massive market, so it’s no surprise that there are so many brands out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for flavors or scents, By Kilian has something perfect for you. The brand has an effortlessly elegant take on smells but also caters to those who are looking for something with a little more edge.

What is By Kilian?

By Kilian is a luxury perfume brand that was founded by French perfumer Olivier Creed. This company makes only around 100 to 200 bottles of fragrance per year and sets the highest standards in their craftsmanship. The brand defines itself as “a luxury perfume house for modern men.”

Pros & Cons of the fragrance range

The By Kilian scent is very long-lasting. It’s very rare that you need to reapply, but if you do, it will last at least another hour. The smell is very sophisticated and subtle. By Kilian is a luxury perfume brand. The smell of the perfume stays with you for hours and hours. If you are the type of person who likes to smell amazing all day, this is your perfume.

Scents to try

The name of the brand is By Kilian and it’s a luxury perfume brand that only produces very few bottles of perfume – each bottle containing one fragrance each. I like that they produce such limited numbers because it makes you feel as if your receiving a real treat when you purchase one. This perfume brand is a staple in the luxury market. Most of their scents are very elegant and refined, but there are some that you can wear to work. Some scents like 24K Gold and Bay Rum get people really excited about By Kilian.


By Kilian is a luxurious European brand that prides itself on their distinctive scents and only releases limited edition fragrances. I purchased the Complete scent set which includes four products – body wash, hand cream, body lotion, and perfume. You can perfume from online store ( as well.

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