Chiropractic Care

Motus Chiropractic Offers More Than Just Chiropractic Care

Motus Chiropractic is a one-stop shop for all your injury or pain relief needs. From infants to the elderly, we see people of all ages and help them move better through neurologically focused therapy that will make you feel better in no time! They provide chiropractic techniques and massage therapy in the form of rehab exercises so that you can feel better when you begin moving again on your own without drugs or surgery. Our trained professionals specialize in the management of infants as well as elderly patients, so be sure to give us a visit if you’re in the area!


Sciatica can be a debilitating pain, but we have the relief you need with our expertly trained staff that has helped patients for over 15 years. Your sciatic nerve is responsible for providing sensation and movement to your lower back, hips, buttocks or legs depending on where it branches from. Unfortunately it’s often misdiagnosed because of its location and symptoms which mimic other conditions such as arthritis in the spine or piriformis syndrome. Sciatica sufferers must go through extensive rehab before any chance at full recovery appears possible – if they’re lucky enough not to make mistakes while treating their condition! Motus Chiropractic offers an alternative therapy option without those risks by locating trigger points using hands-on techniques like spinal manipulation & massage.

Functional Medicine

What does functional medicine do? Motus Chiropractic is a place where you can find relief for your ailments through examining all aspects of one’s health. This includes not only the obvious macro and microscopic changes in your body, but also taking into account what causes these shifts to occur from day-to-day or with various activities. What kind of medical practice brings together chiropractor Dr. David Motus’ understanding that “discomfort, pain and illness” exist on different levels? Functional Medicine! In this way we are able to examine every aspect possible when it comes to treatment . We will take into consideration ones biomechanics as well as other factors such as genetics , microbiome , lifestyle habits etc., which may have caused discomfort.

Body Contouring

The state-of-the-art body contouring treatment available here at Motus Chiropractic literally melts fat on your body without the pain, complications, or recovery associated with other radical weight loss solutions like liposuction. Our experts have used a light emitting diode (LED) system to bathe fat cells in red and infrared light for decades now. The result is that these specially tailored wavelengths of lights cause an increase in metabolism within those targeted cells by affecting mitochondria which are responsible for cellular energy production through its oxidation process – thus triggering thermogenesis where heat generation exceeds metabolic rate leading to increased calorie burning! What does this mean? A slimmer silhouette after just one session!

Neck Pain

The neck is one of the most delicate and sensitive regions on your body. It can be a terrifying place to experience pain, but at Motus Chiropractic our goal is always to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while we diagnose what’s causing that discomfort in the first place! We offer treatments such as spinal adjustments, massage therapy, mobilization exercises with therapeutic exercise equipment like foam rollers or yoga mats – anything it takes to ease those aches down there so they don’t stand a chance against us ever again! In chronic cases especially many people find themselves afraid when their necks are hurting because this area has been shown time after time by research findings from leading doctors all over North America that these types of pains could lead into problems much worse.

Motus Chiropractic is not just an ordinary Chiropractor, they are a facility that specializes in correcting the way people move through neurologically focused therapy. Their team knows how important it is to get your body moving properly because when you can do so without pain, life gets easier and we all heal better. This led them to begin fixing movement for their patients with strategies like rehab exercises and brain-based training using techniques such as massage or electrotherapy if needed.

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