DIY heat protection spray

Best Way to Make DIY heat protection spray

Hi everyone. Welcome to my website I hope you’re all doing well. So today’s article is a DIY I am going to make a DIY heat protection spray. Now during summertime, the then to you use a lot of for styling tools and b we styling hair more often as compared to any other season throat that you saw which is why I wanted to actually share with you this Judy simple recipe to make or DIY he’d predict and spray at home. It’s super simple. It’s very quick to make it’s absolutely amazing.

It looks really nice on my hair at least and it of not only protects my hair from the sliding doors but it also gives a very Fuller and her deal a softer look to my hair which is amazing I think. So stay tuned.

All you need is an empty spray bottle now filled three fourth of the spray bottle with water. Add one big squeeze of any hair conditioner that you like or you are using for one teaspoon of element oil and one teaspoon of coconut oil. That’s literally it. So close the gap and just shake it really well.

It might get a little milky in colour and that lather up a little bit but just don’t worry it’s absolutely fine. Now in order to yours hold a bottle approximately four to six inches away from your head and just missed it all over your hair evenly.

Well, the spray running your fingers through your hair and then he’s tired as usual. You can call them to blow dry or even straighten them.

I’m using a hair straight now to just give or straight and look to my hair.

So this is how my hair looks like OP’s right style them and use the production spray as better. So as you can see they look absolutely fine and there’s a beam of Shine going through it isn’t it and smells amazing and the feed is so soft and you know I can’t really stop touching my hair. Yeah. So if you don’t have a heat predict and spray at your home then no worry you use this DIY.

It’s going to work equally well. And I really hope you enjoyed reading this article and learn something new.

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