Is Techwear an urban fashion derived from Streetwear?

Fashion is one of the most powerful industries on the planet. It can account for 6% of the world’s consumption and is still growing. Every fashion industry is racing to promote its growth. Techwear is one of the clothing inventions that are experiencing a huge boom. It is a clothing style that has a futuristic look mixed with an innovative style. This is a style that was inspired by streetwear. In this article, we will see its characteristics, its origin and the different types of Techwear.

About Techwear

Techwear is a clothing style that appeared in the 70s on the fringe of streetwear. On the other hand, it is a derivative style. As its name suggests, this variety of clothing is more technical. That’s why it’s made from exclusively synthetic materials that are very resistant and strong. In addition, they are made through futuristic and innovative manufacturing processes so that this one is exactly “Techwear”.

This is a clothing style that was inspired by military equipment. These are the fatigues and rangers worn by soldiers in the army of several countries when they go out in the field for a mission. We can mention Massimo Osti, one of the pioneers of Techwear. He was even inspired by the compass rose that he attached to a military patch to design the logo of Stone Island, his brand.

These varieties of clothing were also intended for use by mountaineers during the 1970s. They can protect them from the cold thanks to its fabric covered with the coating line. But they are experiencing a huge development when the textile industries improve the technical textiles.

When we talk about Techwear, we have to think about clothes that are technical, practical, resistant and futuristic. These clothes are customized over the years and are now characterized by:

  • Artistic and futuristic designs and cuts ;
  • Practical and ingenious accessories to make life easier ;
  • Innovative and particularly unique style.

The difference between Techwear and StreetWear

It’s often difficult to tell the difference between techwear and streetwear because of their very similar look. However, they are two different styles. In order not to confuse them, it is wise to know the differences between the two.


Streetwear is a fashion that comes from the street, especially the clothes worn by hip-hop, rap, surf and skateboard enthusiasts. This type of clothing looks loose and casual, and must be wide enough to allow the wearer to move freely. We can mention some celebrities who have launched their own streetwear collections such as Booba with Ünkut and La Fouine with his street brand Swagg. We can see that streetwear highlights sweaters, sneakers, polo shirts and jogging suits.


Regarding techwear, these are clothes intended for everyday life. Indeed, they are equipped with various accessories and advanced technology to ensure freedom of movement to those who wear them, especially in extreme situations and to ensure comfort. They have undergone improvements since their appearance on the market. There are two types of techwear. On the one hand, there is the futuristic style that is the result of Asian export and is distinguished by its gimmick aspect. There is also urban techwear, very comfortable and a range that is close to streetwear but equipped with additional technologies.

Techwear is characterized by clothes that look like mountaineering jackets, made to resist the cold of high mountains. There are also garments inspired by military clothing such as cargo pants. These are pants with gusseted pockets and a tight fit around the thighs and ankles.

The different styles of Techwear

Over the years, designers have been inspired to create a wide range of techwear. You can get the one that suits you in a store that specializes in selling techwear. Indeed, this has given birth to a panoply of sub-categories, each representing a sub-culture:

  • Urban Techwear: a variety that comes from the combination of casual streetwear and dystopian Techwear. It is a style that is becoming known thanks to the gurus of the fashion industry ;
  • Techno-Punk: this is a new style that shows the dark side of Techwear. It is achieved by adding the punk style in the manufacturing process ;
  • Military Techwear: as its name suggests, this is a style that was inspired by military equipment. It is generally characterized by bombers jackets and cargo pants and additional decorative equipment ;
  • Outdoor Techwear ;
  • Lunar-Core: a variety of Techwear that mimics spacesuits ;
  • Sports Techwear: a style dedicated specifically to sports enthusiasts. Adopting the Sport Techwear is the perfect solution to play sports while keeping the elegance ;
  • Asian Techwear: a style inspired by Asian cultures. We can mention the Japanese techwear which is currently a huge success and is gaining notoriety.

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