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Here are some ideas for carrying co-ord sets for any and every Occasion

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a co-ord is a two-piece set of matching top and bottoms that can include skirts and crop tops, blazers and trousers, joggers and sweaters, and a variety of other matching ensembles. Co-ords, or coordinated sets, such as these misguided women’s co-ords, are a perfect answer for anyone who has trouble deciding what to wear or finds putting ensembles together unpleasant. Whatever style and fit you want, a co-ord will work for you. Co-ords not only give you a trendy new style, but the two parts allow you to mix and match with other sets or clothing items, allowing you to get many looks out of one set.

Have you noticed how many celebrities are wearing identical clothing lately?

Co-ords are, without a doubt, the season’s biggest trend.

Co-ords are two separate sets of clothing that are designed to be worn together. They may not have the same pattern, but there are details that indicate they should be worn together.


Co-ords are the most popular choice, and celebrities are seen wearing them practically everywhere.

Nothing like these can be worn exclusively to work; there are plenty of designs and colors to choose from when it comes to co-ords. Take a page from these divas if you want to buy co-ord sets online from Jannat. “Co-ord sets” are color and style coordinated clothing sets that don’t need to be combined with other items to create the perfect ensemble — they’re already great! No more wasting time trying on hundreds of outfits in search of the perfect appearance.

These are the most popular types of women’s co-ord sets on Jannat. They are typically worn during the summer and are quite comfy without sacrificing flair. Get a few in different bright colors and prints and mix & match to make your own sets. If you haven’t already jumped on the co-ord bandwagon, here’s a rundown of all the many types of co-ords available and when they can be worn.

Stylish for the workplace

Starting with a co-ord that you’re probably most familiar with — a jacket and fitted pants that match.

While you might think of a matching suit as something you’d wear to the office, it’s becoming a more common choice for a number of situations. Because of the various patterns and colors available, you can have a little more fun with this style than you could with the drab, basic pantsuits from which they came.

Although they look excellent with a shirt in the office, many girls wear them to show off a lovely bralette while still retaining a smart appearance.

Summer attire is laid-back.

Another incredibly fashionable co-ord is the crop top and skirt combination. Mini and midi skirts, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or bandeau-style tops, and long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or bandeau-style tops can all be used in these ensembles.

A flowery or vividly colored pattern is the most common, but they also exist in simpler designs and block colors. A summer co-ord like this is ideal for mixing and matching because you can easily wear just one of the items or combine two other co-ords if they complement each other.

It can be a casual daytime attire or an evening dinner and drinks outfit, depending on the type of set and how you accessorise it. Because you may wear the parts together or separately as an alternative to the usual kaftan, a particularly summery co-ord makes for a fantastic beach cover-up.

Suits for lounging

Following the epidemic, the fashion world experienced a large increase in the availability of various loungewear items, including a massive increase in the quantity of leisure suits.

People were spending more and more time at home, working from home and unable to go out and socialize, which meant they needed more options in terms of what they could wear. Many of us were sick of just wearing shabby clothes and looking like a mess, so we invested in some stylish loungewear to help us feel human again! To wear around the house, a matching lounge outfit can be joggers and a sweater or cozy shorts and a shirt.

Jannat is the best online platform to buy co-ord sets. You can have plethora of options from Jannat in terms of design and variety.

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