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How to Take Care of Dry Hair? 8 Best Tips You Should Try

The problem of dry hair often occurs in women after summer and winter. Weather conditions have a large impact on hair condition, and the harsh sun, saltwater and sulfur frost do not help to keep hair healthy and beautiful. That is why a sun hat should not be just a fashionable accessory and a woollen hat should protect your frozen ears. The hat and the cap also protect hair from drying out and damage. Just as we apply sunscreens, protecting the body, we should also protect our hair. The most common causes of dry hair are: sun, saltwater, frost, frequent drying, straightening and curling of hair, frequent colouring and especially lightening.

Intense hydration of hair – when is it needed?

What does dry hair look like? When does dry hair look dry and when is it damaged? When do you need to moisturize your hair, and when do you need more therapy?

Dry hair is most often:

– It is usually frizzy and electrifying,

– have split ends,

– They break easily,

– are rough to the touch,

– They are not very flexible, lacking in resilience, difficult to arrange,

– They look good shortly after washing, losing shine and freshness with every hour,

– They can get tangled up easily, there are problems with combing, there may be a knuckle formation.

If you have similar symptoms (not necessarily all of them), it’s good to have an interest in what to moisturize your hair. Regeneration after summer or winter requires commitment, but if you neglect it, it will be much harder to restore your hair to its former condition and shine.

How to moisturize very dry hair?

Now is the time for the most important question, how to moisturize dry hair?

First of all, you should focus on closing the scales of your hair. To moisturize hair it is worth using cosmetics containing keratin – it deeply moisturizes and regenerates hair structure. You can apply shampoo with keratin, apply a light keratin conditioner before or after washing the head or apply a stronger mask at the very end, which you will leave on your head 30-40 minutes.

And here’s an important note: moisturizing your hair will only be possible if, after the application of the cosmetic, the scales are closed, i.e. you must rinse them with cold water. If we rinse it warm or hot, we will also effectively rinse the cosmetic.

How to moisturize very dry hair?

Preparations containing urea and d-panthenol will be helpful. On the market, you will get many products – shampoos, liquid and spray conditioners, masks – which contain urea and d-panthenol. You can also add these ingredients to the base conditioner, thus improving the product. Other helpful ingredients to hydrate your hair are glycerine (which has so many uses), collagen and elastin. Look for products that have one of these ingredients. From home products, you will find honey, aloe vera, flaxseed. Use these ingredients to prepare your hair conditioner at home. It is also worth to use natural oils that we use in our everyday kitchen: linseed oil, grape seed oil, almond oil. These hair oils keep moisture in the hair as they create a protective cuticle on its surface.

Looking for ways to dry hair how to moisten it effectively, it is also good to verify your hair washing technique. Most women wash their hair and apply conditioner. For dry hair it is good to use another washing technique, so called OMO, which is a conditioner-washing conditioner. Apply a light conditioner to damp hair, then rinse it with cool water after the time indicated by the manufacturer. Next we wash the hair with shampoo and here it is important not to pour the shampoo directly on the hair but to dilute it with water, e.g. in a cup, and only apply this mixture to the head. The last step is again a conditioner. Here you can choose a heavier, stronger mask, which you will keep on your head for half an hour. It is also worth strengthening the mask by putting a foil cap on your head and then a towel – the mask will penetrate your hair more effectively. Rinse the conditioner again with cool water.

Some good advice on how to take care of your hair to avoid drying it out:

  1. Use hair cosmetics that do not contain silicones. Choose gentle preparations, with a maximum friendly composition.
  2. keep drying your hair to a minimum, let it dry naturally.
  3. try not to use a hair straightener and curling iron. If you have to do this, it is necessary to apply a protective product to your hair beforehand. Look for alternative methods, e.g. Velcro rollers or chatterboxes instead of a curling iron.
  4. cut the ends regularly.
  5. Do not rub wet hair with a towel and do not go to bed with wet hair.
  6. Don’t use strong hair elastics, and never use a condom again. Wear elastic bands, buckles and other solutions that do not break hair.
  7. dye your hair only in a proven salon, do not do it yourself at home.
  8. rinse your hair after washing with lukewarm or even cool water

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