How to Style You and Your Groomsmen to Match Your Wedding Theme

Matching styles used to be easy when it came to weddings. The bride would be in white, the bridesmaids would wear the same dress and the groom and groomsmen would be in black tie. Today, there are so many creative options, it can be difficult to design a wedding theme.

From classic country to boho in the woods and everything in between, you certainly won’t be scarce on choices. So, how do you narrow down the choices for your perfect day? Take a look at how to style you and your groomsmen for the wow factor.

1. Think About Your Venue

It’s best to choose your ideal venue before deciding on your outfits. You may think you know exactly what you want but it can often change as you hunt for the ideal venue. What you wear on a beach would be completely different from what you wear in a stately home.

On a beach, you may want your groomsmen in a Hawaiian shirt, while in a stately home it would be more appropriate to be in a tux.

2. Choose Your Color Palette

Perhaps you or the groom have favorite colors that you’d like to incorporate into the wedding. Some grooms like their favorite sports team colors as part of the wedding. Your venue can also inspire your color choices.

For instance, a wedding in the woods might inspire pastel colors or sage and forest greens. Whereas a beach gives you more scope to brighten things up. Take a look at some of the options in the men’s wedding shop for ideas.

3. What About Material?

The material chosen by the bride for her dress can follow through in the rest of the wedding party’s style. For instance, if you choose lace for your wedding dress, the groomsmen could wear lace pocket-handkerchiefs.

Similarly, if you choose silk in your wedding dress, your bridesmaids could incorporate the same material in their dresses. You can even go as far as to add the same materials to your wedding decor, like table cloths.

4. Mismatched Style

The bridesmaids and groomsmen have an array of options when it comes to mismatched styles. For instance, if you go for pastel colors for your wedding, your bridesmaid party can turn up looking like the most delectable selection of candy in mismatched dresses.

To complement that, your groomsmen could do mismatched earthy tones. Different shades of taupe, brown, and blue suits look fantastic together.

5. Get Creative With Ties

Just because you want your groomsmen all in the same suits, it doesn’t have to boring. There are lots of ways you make your groomsmen look unique and ties are one of them. Perhaps you could have the same color ties with a different pattern for each groomsman.

This is a great way to show the individual personality of each groomsman. You could even let them choose their own as a surprise for you.

6. Different Colored Trousers

The thought may not sound so appealing but the effect of different colored trousers on your groomsmen can make the wedding look incredible. It’s a great way to add splashes of color to the wedding party.

Put clean, crisp white shirts on your groomsmen and add either black braces or black bow ties. Choose some bright trousers for each groomsman. Be sure to make the groom stand out by choosing a different outfit.

7. Full Glamour

If you can’t be glamorous from head to foot on your wedding day, when can you? If you’re planning on glitz and glitter, you can match the rest of your wedding party with it. Whether it’s diamond accessories, glitter clutch purses, or glitzy cufflinks, it all adds to the theme.

8. It’s All in the Details

When it comes to planning a wedding, the finer details matter. Think about this when you’re styling your wedding party. For instance, if your bridal dress is one-shoulder, your bridesmaid’s dresses could be one-shoulder too. That doesn’t mean they have to be the same dress or the same color.

Similarly, if the groom decides on wearing brown leather shoes, the groomsmen could do the same thing. They don’t all have to wear the same outfit but that one detail brings them together.

9. Be Dramatic

If you want your groomsmen in tails and a top hat, there’s no better event than your wedding. When is too much, too much? Never. You’re allowed to go over the top and enjoy every minute of it.

To be dramatic with the bridesmaids, why not consider opting for black dresses? Not only does it make a bold statement but they’ll be able to use the dresses for another event in the future.

10. Free for All

Do you have the time to organize and style your wedding party? Why not leave it up to them? Allowing your bridesmaids and groomsmen to choose their wedding outfits could create something truly special.

However, if you’ve got members of the party that are prone to being eccentric, you may want to monitor them and approve outfits before the day.

What the Best Wedding Theme for You?

Choosing a wedding theme that you’re both happy with can take some consideration and negotiation. Think about the things that mean something to you and incorporate them in your day so the event is unique to you and your partner. Most importantly, remember that the day is about the love you share and the life you’re starting together.

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