How to Store Luggage: The Best Options Explained

The average American household has around 300,000 items which makes space valuable.

Whether it’s an extensive selection of clothes to gadgets, many of us are guilty of having clutter so we have little room for items like luggage. Perhaps you’ve got several bulky suitcases and you have no idea how to squeeze them into your tiny abode.

Sound familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to store luggage.

Our Top Luggage Maintenace Tips

Before we dive into our luggage storage tips, you must clean your bags before storing them.

First, give your suitcase an inspection to see if there is dirt or wet patches because it could lead to mildew. Use a damp cloth to wipe down any marks then leave it to air dry before packing it away.

You should also unpack any bits of trash you find in the pockets and shake your bag to get rid of any dirt or sand remnants. Once you’ve happy, use luggage covers to protect them from dirt, humidity, and potential sun damage.

Note that you shouldn’t keep your luggage covered too tightly otherwise it could trap moisture and cause mold.

Where to Store Your Luggage

Once your luggage is clean, it’s time to consider storage solutions. If you have little space know there are many ways to optimize the current room you have. For example:

Store Luggage Under Your Bed

The best way to store luggage is under your bed as it’s convenient and doesn’t take up extra space. If your bed is high enough, you should have a foot of room where you can slide your carry-on or suitcase into.

Not got enough space? Then invest in bed risers that attach to the feet of your bed frame so you can enjoy extra luggage storage space.

Store Smaller Luggage Inside Larger Ones

One of our top storage tips is to use your largest suitcases to store your smaller ones like nesting dolls. Aside from your carry-on, you may also have several medium-sized bags that you can tuck inside your larger luggage.

And it doesn’t have to be your travel bags, you can also add your beach bags, tote bags, and handbags to maximize your storage space. Note this can be annoying if you constantly need to access luggage in the center so consider how often you’ll need these bags.

Use Luggage to Store Smaller Items

Don’t have enough bags to slip into your luggage? Then find other items you have too many of. For instance, hats, old clothes, books, and your little one’s old toys.

Hide Your Luggage Behind a Curtain

Get a decorated screen or curtain to hide luggage in the corner of your room. Not only will it add interest to your room but it gives you extra storage space. It’s also useful if you’ve got extra boxes and cleaning products.

Store Luggage in the Garage

If you’ve got a garage, store extra luggage on the shelves so they’re out of the way. Shelves are great for smaller suitcases or carry-ons but make sure you cover them in garbage bags or luggage covers so dust doesn’t accumulate.

Don’t have shelves? Then install a basic unit to cut costs and maximize your garage. You can also stash suitcases under a table or a workbench but make sure they’re stacked neatly so they don’t become a hazard.

Hang Your Luggage

Hanging your luggage is fantastic if you have a closet, garage, or pantry where you have little floor space. Note that your bag’s weight will be concentrated on one point so remove heavy items otherwise it could rip the material.

Turn Your Luggage into a Shoe Rack

If you’ve got a huge shoe collection then turn your luggage into a shoe rack. Lay down your luggage so it’s flat, slide it into your closet, and open it up so you can store shoes. Keep your favorite pairs in a neat row so you can easily access them.

But remember to lay down a cloth at the bottom of your suitcase to protect it from grime.

Stack Your Luggage in the Hallway

This is a great option if your suitcases align with your home’s decor. Consider stacking your luggage in the ascending size and it’ll create intrigue in your room. You can either place a framed photograph or a houseplant atop the suitcase so it becomes a cohesive part of your home design.

Use Your Luggage as a Side Table

Like the hallway, stack your luggage by your bed or couch and place a lamp on the top. If you don’t have enough luggage then stack your suitcases on a colorful luggage rack and use those as tables instead.

Or place it at the foot of your bed so it doubles as a bench where you can store blankets and pillows.

Store Luggage Above Your Cabinets

If you’ve got space, store your luggage above your cabinets so they don’t clutter your home. This works great for vintage suitcases as they add character to your kitchen without becoming the focal point. Plus, they’re easy to access if you store items in there.

That’s How to Store Luggage

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to store luggage.

Make sure you properly clean your suitcases before storing them and consider doubling your luggage to house your clothes, hats, and books. You can also turn them into a side table, shoe rack, and hallway table. Good luck!

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