How to Pick the Perfect Facial Treatment for Your Skin Type?

There’s no doubt about the fact that every woman loves a day at the spa by pampering themselves and getting some much-needed relaxation through different types of facials. Skincare has benefits which are aesthetic and psychological. Not only does it improve the look of the skin, but it also takes that back-breaking stress off your shoulders.

However, trying to read a spa menu is like trying to read hieroglyphics if you are doing it for the first time. This is why it’s empowering to walk into a spa and feel confident that the type of facial treatment you are getting is right for you. Moreover, it’s crucial to choose a facial for your skin type in mind while selecting a facial. At Temple Clinic, a skin clinic in Aberdeen, beauty therapists analyse the skin and suggest the treatment suitable for a particular skin type – oily, dry or combination.

Normal to Dry Skin
For normal skin type, a facial massage using nourishing creams and moisturizers is the best. If you have normal or dry skin, you should ideally opt for the classic facial or a plant stem facial.

Classic Facial: 
The classic facial includes cleansing, toning and massage (done manually or with gadgets), protection coverage, and mask. The face and the neck are treated according to specific needs. This type of facial is done following various strokes and pressures in a particular direction and movement of the fingers. Duration: 1 hour

Plant Stem Cell Facial: 
This type of facial treatment helps rejuvenate the skin, improve the elasticity, and makes it look younger. The regeneration process in the skin reduces the signs of ageing. The plant cells are introduced into the skin through external cosmetic care. They help the skin at the cellular level and activate the process of replacement and repair of damaged and dead skin cells. This facial comprises a cream, exfoliator, serum, mask, and an under-eye gel.
Duration: 1 hour

Normal to Oily Skin
A facial massage with creams or moisturizers is not advised for those with oily skin. The type of facial for this skin type includes exfoliation, deep cleansing, toning, mask and protection. The masks and other procedures help shrink the pores, remove excess oils, and make the skin soft and translucent.

Pearl Facial: 
This type of facial treatment facial is ideal for those with oily skin. It brightens the skin and helps remove tan. The next step is deep cleansing which refines the skin, followed by a light facial massage with pearl cream and application of a pearl mask. It helps revitalizes the skin and retain moisture. This facial gives a radiant and fair skin with an even colour tone and ensures natural lightening of the skin.
Duration: 1 hour

Silver Facial: 
This type of facial is done to purify and detoxify your skin. It consists of a gel, cream, scrub, and pack that offer dull skin an instant lift. It restores the natural pH balance of the skin and clears the pores and deep cleans to prevent the formation of blackheads. Moreover, it revives your skin by giving it the right amount of moisture, and evens your skin tone, leaving your skin radiant and supple.
Duration: 40 minutes to 1 hour

Combination Skin
Combination skin needs to be treated carefully since the face has both oily and dry tissues. After cleansing, the facial for this skin type requires dry areas of the skin to be massaged and the face toned with a cold compress, using a rose-based skin tonic.

Platinum Facial: 
The platinum facial is said to energise and recharge your skin. It influences the skin at the cellular level and helps, ensures the strength of its supportive tissues, and maintains the desired moisture level. Besides, it has powerful anti-oxidant effects which protect the skin’s youthful properties and impart radiance.
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Gem Therapy: 
Gemstone facial therapy utilizes gemstones’ natural energy and helps correct mental, spiritual, and physical imbalances. This type of facial is based on the properties of different types of gems. These stones slow down the ageing process and work as an exfoliating and detoxification aid. 

The key ingredients contain ash from gems like ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The facial restores the ideal skin balance, helps in the process of cell renewal, and keeps the skin free from blemishes. The gemstone is ground to a micro-fine powder and applied using vitamin-rich oils and aromatherapy essences that relax the body, and improve texture and skin tone.
Duration: 1 hour

Keep in Mind

  • You can go for a facial for your skin type every 4-6 weeks and clean-up every fortnight.
  • Make sure your facial regime includes exfoliation, blackhead removal, cleansing, mask, steaming and moisturisation.
  • Ensure that the face and the neck area are thoroughly massaged in different types of facials. The massage should be gentle and not harsh.
  • If your skin is dry, ensure that a hydrating ingredient is a part of your facial mixture. For those with oily skin, alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid helps reduce excess oil flow. However, those with sensitive skin should stay away from fragrance-based ingredients which can lead to eruptions. 

If you are still questioning what to get, we are here to help! Visit Temple Clinic website to get in touch with us for knowing or taking effective skincare treatments to make your skin look like never before!

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