How to Make 4c Hair Curly

How to Make 4c Hair Curly – 5 Best Technique That Works

Would you like to now How to Make 4c hair curly? Wearing your Afro-textured, 4C hair in one style can get very dull.

Yeah, the natural hair culture supports protective styling and maintains that your ends are hidden away, but you might like a new curly look once in a while.

If you do a short YouTube search, you will find that every other 4C hair influencer has a twist-out, wash and go pic, etc. It shows you that 4C hair is very flexible and can be converted into so many different types of curly hair.

Why it is not shocking that sales of chemical relaxers have fallen dramatically, although sales of natural hair care items that improve natural curls have skyrocketed.

So, how can you make your 4c hair curly?

To make 4c hair curly, there are many techniques you may use. We will go through the specifics of the different methods that can be used to render 4C hair curly in the next section.

5 Best Ways to Make Your Natural 4c Hair Curly

1) Shingling:

Shingling is a procedure that can be performed within about 20 minutes.

  • Use a moisturising leave-in conditioner first, and clip your hair into sections.
  • Next up, spritz each hair section with water and generously apply oil.
  • With a large tooth comb, comb each oiled part, break it further and add a styling gel. (Be sure to add excess grooming gel so that the hair does not weigh down.)
  • Finally, in small sections, take your hair and wrap each section inside your thumb and pointer finger.

2) Maximum Hydration:

To make 4c hair curly, This hair care regimen is the optimum hydration process that is intended to thoroughly moisturise, enhance lustre and hair manageability. This approach also results in super formed curls which are ideal for minimising frizz or achieving ideal Wash and Go hairstyles.

Basically, this process operates by growing the moisture in hair to the highest level. It works well for low porosity hair which tends to take time to absorb moisture and products.

Wondering how it works? You have to be compliant with the routine for few straight days, for instance.

3) Bantu Knots

This method Break your hair into small sections with this procedure, curl the entire segment and then tie each one around itself. Go on to oil each knot enough in the morning and then loosen the knots. This should provide your 4c hair with attractive hair curls that are well defined.

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This should provide your 4c hair with attractive hair curves that are well developed.

4) Braid and Curl

The braid and curl technique is one of the easiest ways to add texture to your natural hair and to define curls. The technique may take some time, but it will leave some super-defined curls in your hair.

How to keep 4C hair curly using this approach:

  1. To wet your hair, add Leave in Conditioner
  2. Use a rich product for styling that will give texture and hold to your hair.
  3. Braid a variety of braids for your hair
  4. Wrap up every braid
  5. Allow the braids time to dry out.
  6. When dry, undo the braids
  7. Part twice or thrice of each curled section, but be cautious not to lose the meaning of the curl.

5) Flexi Rods

Flexi rods are, as the title indicates, soft and flexible sticks which come in various sizes. They are bent into distinct shapes and conveniently mould around the hair. This suggests that you can control them easily as you like to construct established curl patterns that will make your hair into something you have ever dreamed.

It is essential to note that the larger the rods you are using, the larger the curls you are going to have, and vice versa.

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