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How Often Do You Clean Your Eyelash Curler?

Cleansing your makeup kit including brushes and eyelash curler is an upright practice. That way you negate the chances of mixing up cosmetics and propagating germ buildup. To not forget the essential nature of this routine, make a habit of doing it on regular intervals, say once in a week or fortnight basis. Try the beautybest range of products to redo and renew your makeup practices for safer and hygienic experiences in styling. For the least discussed topic of cleaning the eyelash curlers, firstly you need to have one with a variety of eyelashes to fan up the spark of makeup effects through your eyes.

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Now since you own one, here is the guide to help you with the cleansing of the best eyelash curler in India. For the mechanical eyelash curlers, the metallic part of these devices are what needs cleansing the most.

  • Use alcohol and a soft cotton ball doused in it to clear out the germs and bacteria growing invisibility on it.
  • Secondly you can also do the same with the rubber or plastic handles of the device. To put a halt on the rubber cushion posing problems, you can change them in a few months with new sets. The same when imprinted with mascara and other eye cosmetics, change them right away.
  • Wash it under the tap water to rinse off the traces of alcohol and remaining germs on it.
  • For the electric eyelash curler, only the brush needs to be cleansed. Do not wash the whole device. Only the part that touches your lashes- the curler comb head needs to be placed in running warm water after a tryst with 70% alcoholic solution. Heat it, switch it off and let the water do the rest.
  • If you are not happy with this surface cleaning, apply the hot wind from the hair dryer for a few seconds and wash it under tap water. The metal when hot becomes repulsive to the sticky gunk leftover on and in the minute crevices.

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Using the hot air blower also relieves the handles and metal parts of moisture which poses the threat of rusting in the near future. Repeat this procedure once or twice a week. Experts recommend no compromise with the health of your eyes and advice cleansing before and after whenever you pick them up for application on the clean and dry lashes.

Common mistakes to avoid while cherishing the moment with your lash curler is certainly the renouncing of soft silky cloth, tissue papers which do not have the substance to properly cleanse the metallic surface. These are not ideal to clean the curved surface as they smoothly glide on it. For complete cleansing, use cotton balls, washcloth or a clean toothbrush to pick in the crevices, curved endings.

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