How and why should we build up our immunity

How and why should we build up our immunity?

An immunity is the body’s ability to protect itself from diseases and infections. That is why it is extremely important to take care of it. There are many factors that contribute to immunity. These include sleep, a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.

The causes of reduced immunity

The most common are:

  • prolonged stress
  • excessive workload and duties,
  • use of antibiotics,
  • poor hygiene
  • malnutrition,
  • lack of physical activity.

Reduced immunity is very common for people after radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The same is true for HIV infection. Specialized treatment is necessary in such cases.

What does reduced immunity lead to?

The lower the immunity, the higher risk of catching diseases. With a slight decrease in immunity the pain manifests itself. Abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea all are very common symptoms. One may also experience weight loss, impaired concentration and a prolonged wound healing time. When the body is unable to defend itself, it quickly catches all viruses and bacteria. Diseases such as intimate infections, gingivitis and sinusitis are the most common. Aphthae and mycosis are also caused by low immunity. The herpes virus becomes more and more active.

How to build up immunity?

Prevention is easier than cure, so it’s important to take care of the right components at all times. There are dietary supplements for immunity that can be used both therapeutically and preventively. The Immunity supplement from YourSecretIs contains a full complex of vitamins and minerals. They support the immune system and proper blood production.

They help maintain the proper condition of bones, skin, hair and nails. The supplement helps to maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid, nervous system and heart beat. The product will preserve your health and well-being

Vitamins E, D and A work well to increase immunity. Zinc and iron also help in the fight against low immunity. All these ingredients can be found in food but it’s not always that easy. They can also be found in a pharmacy in the form of supplements for immunity. Shark liver oil is a common and recommended supplement. It’s most often available in the form of capsules.

Healthy habits for immunity

Adequate sleep will not only provide immunity to the body, but also keep you feeling good and avoid fatigue. Lack of rest makes a person more susceptible to infections. Therefore, 7-8 hours of sleep per night is recommended for adults. Stress is a factor that many people are exposed to.  It is important to try to avoid its long-term effects. It also influences the aging process and many other body processes.

Stimulants such as cigarettes or alcohol have a very negative effect on health. This is enough of a reason why you should stop taking them and focus on a balanced diet instead. Dishes rich in minerals and nutrients do not have to be bland in taste. There are many vegetables and fruits that help you take care of the condition of your body and also taste good.

There are people who, in addition to using dietary supplements for immunity, also use garlic or herbs. Regardless of the form, you should take care of your immunity as diligently as possible. It is especially important for children, because their immune system is still developing, but it is worth remembering even in adulthood

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