Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth Tips for Thicker & Healthier Hair

If you’re looking for fuller thicker healthier hair. Read this article. I’m going to give you my top three tips for hair care. Hey guys It’s Mona. And in today’s article, I want to write about how to get healthier thicker hair.

This is something that we all strive for men and women. I think this is one thing that we can all agree on that we want to just figure out how to master. Let’s go through some of the causes of what makes our hair damage what makes it thin out and just the most common things that happen throughout life. First of all, ageing as you age your hair gets a little bit thinner. You can lose your hair. We all know this is a part of life. I mean this can even start to happen as soon as you hit 30.

I know that when I was a kid my hair was even thicker it was shinier is thicker healthier. I mean you know just certain things happen in life. As much as I try to eat healthily and live a healthy life there’s that like I said there are environmental pollutants just being outside certain weather conditions if you’re around like smog just different things that can cause your hair and your scalp to not be as healthy. The next thing that’s a culprit is products. So if you’re using a product that makes your hair look amazing at the moment it does not always mean that it’s good for you long term.

Sometimes those go hand-in-hand the better it can make you look quick the worse it can be for you long term especially if you’re overusing product constantly spraying and not letting your hair breathe and have a chance to grow. That also comes with over styling. I know when I go get my hair blow-dried or done and it looks so smooth and soft and pretty you almost think that it’s healthier than because it looks great. But the more heat you apply to it the more product the more tools the more you’re going to damage it.

Taking It Easy on Blow Drying

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever do it but just something to be mindful of. Like if you are just kind of running around the house maybe it’s just day to day. I’d recommend taking it a little bit easy on the blow drying but we’ll get to that. So over-styling overuse of products environmental pollutants those is all things that can damage your hair. OK. And now let’s talk about nutrition. Nutrition is something that we have to pay attention to no matter what the instance if it’s our energy fitness levels.

How you maybe want your body to look at skin health care health all of it. What we basically what we’re eating is fuel to our body. It’s meant to make us nourish and thrive. So if you’re not getting the right nutrition your hair and your skin will suffer. People ask what supplements should I take. I recommending a vitamin even though I’m a pharmacist. Me recommending a vitamin is difficult when I don’t know what you’re deficient in what your diet is like. And I just want to be super ethical and anything that I would recommend.

Ask Doctor or Nutritionist for Micronutrient Test

So my number one recommendation is to go ask a doctor or a nutritionist for a micronutrient test. This is different than an actual blood test because the micronutrient tests check the levels in your cells not just in your blood. Sometimes your blood can have certain levels of vitamins or minerals from things you eat but how much you absorb into your cells is what matters because if we’re not utilizing it doesn’t matter. So make sure you’re asking for a micronutrient test if you are going to get one. And the next thing could be water quality.

So if you are let’s say you’re at home when you have a water filter the water might not be healthy enough for you to drink. So why do we think it’s healthy enough for us to put on our hair. So I want to go over some solutions for all of these for the Nutrition for the products for the water quality and hopefully, we can try to battle this. OK so now let’s talk about how to fix the problem and I want to start with scalp health because this is something that’s so overlooked.

Hair Grows Out

It sounds really weird I know but I think it’s something that anyone can do it’s inexpensive you can do at home and it’s really helpful. Your scalp is the home in the hub of where your hair grows out. This is where your hair follicles are. So we think about it. It’s important. We’re constantly thinking about like masks that we can put on our hair or shampoos or conditioners but we’re not thinking about where the hair grows out. So just like a poor on your face can get clogged up with oil.

So can the hair follicles on your head and think about what an ingrown hair looks like or like if a hair follicle anywhere else in your body gets clogged up. It’s not pretty. And obviously, the hair can’t grow out of it. You know when you’re an ingrown hair and it’s like stuck it looks kind of gross and it’s like stuck in there. Well if you have hair follicles that are clogged they can kind of be the same thing. And not only can it be clogged up by oil but it can be clogged up by like shampoo by-product a little bit of oil is good for your hair.

Pick a Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Some oil is healthy but too much oil is bad. So you want to make sure that you find that balance because like I said too much oil can end up clogging it. I want you to take a minute and think about products because I know we’re always told it’s not good to wash your hair too many days a week and you should take breaks. So a lot of us love using dry shampoo however dry shampoo can be a huge culprit here. Because think about you just constantly spraying the product on your hair without actually washing it.

Cleaning out those hair follicles so it’s almost like if you woke up every day and instead of washing your face and washing the makeup off you just kept reapplying it over with like this special makeup that didn’t need I don’t do the analogy but you get what I’m saying. Imagine just applying makeup over and over again without actually washing your face and giving a clean surface. It’s not the best idea. Sometimes dry shampoo can be a total lifesaver. My rule is to use it once maybe twice and that’s it only in emergencies.

You’re like really rushing out the door. Something important. I’ve been there too. I want to make sure that we are giving our follicles in her scalp a little bit of a chance to breathe. When you shampoo makes sure that you’re shampooing in here and scrubbing we’re going to talk about exfoliating your scalp. And I’ve got a brush here it is an example. It’s better brushes you could use. But these are the bristles I like these soft bristles that’s why I’m using this brush as an example. This is the one I use exfoliating your scalp is a much different shampooing.

Use your dry shampoo in a whole new way

If you shampoo you’re not going to get the same effect as your finger is just kind of scrubbing isn’t going to get this off. So this is kind of like exfoliating your skin when you’re using like microbeads or anything little or even like a washcloth you’re gonna take this and go section by section and kind of just go in circular motions like this. And just really honestly go through your entire head one thing you can do is to kind of like use a comb put it into sections and just go through and do it.

What I like to do is exfoliate it right before I shampoo. Then I can make sure the water in the shampoo gets everything done. And it’s really clean. I learned this from my hairdresser. I got a 9 0 1 salon in L.A. and my hairdresser did it one day and she was like oh your scalp looks so much better and I was like what was wrong with my scalp before it looked like before. But ever since she said that I’ve started doing it and the last time I went to see her she told me my hair was the healthiest and thickest it’s ever looked.

So it’s working OK. That’s tip number one is to exfoliate yourself. Tip number two is having a shower filter so I don’t know if you guys have ever tried putting in a shower filter into your shower. It’s honestly one of the most amazing things I never did it before. I felt like it just sounded like too much work honestly and I just I guess it wasn’t talked about enough so I didn’t realize the importance of it. But when I started paying attention to all this like dirt and debris and environmental pollutants and then I was thinking about the quality of water that I was drinking.

Beautiful young woman with long hair

Keep your hair healthy

And don’t forget that your skin is an organ. Everything you put onto your body can get absorbed into your body. So if we don’t want to drink this water because it’s got harsh chemicals it’s got a mineral build-up. If it’s just not safe for us to drink I don’t think it should be that safe for us to put on our head. I tried using the shower filter and instantly noticed a difference go to a dry bar a lot to get my hair blown out and I wanted to try the shower filter.

So I used it and then went to drive or after and just pre-washed my hair which I know anyone does. But I tried it and the girl blow drying my hair was like Oh my God your hair’s so soft like. She complimented it so much like the actual texture and quality of my hair just from using it. I noticed a huge difference. I felt like when I blow dried it was just like fluffier but when it comes to hair thinning or hair loss or just hair health. One of the biggest culprits is all of this stuff.

Like I said it gets built up on your scalp. So a lot of this can be the minerals found in hard water and water that’s not super high quality. So things like calcium magnesium silica iron it’s funny because we want these in our diets but when they’re built up minerals in the water we don’t want them. Not only are they getting clogged up into our hair follicles which is making the hair not grow as well. It’s also stopping actual good things you want to go into our hair it’s stopping the necessary oils to walk or let’s say you have products that are really going to help and conditioners and shampoos are not going to be able to get washed up in there as much because they’re getting blocked by these build up minerals.

Strategically tease your hair

So a really good solution to this is to just use a shower filter you can get rid of these minerals these deposit buildups you can get rid of chlorine it helps if you have hard water. I mean I know certain cities are worse than others so this is something I’d look into. I love my shower filter the brand I use is by buy to clean. It also has essential oils built into the shower filter so you can choose a scent like you can have citrus or vanilla.

I like the citrus one you turn on your shower and it smells like citrus. This it’s really good and fresh so I’ll link that below if you guys want to try. Besides that, if you want some tips on my top foods that I would recommend for healthy hair I can list them here and just give you some things that you can add to your diet. I would recommend dark leafy greens tons of iron that are going to help you nuts and seeds make sure they’re raw and unsalted. That’s going to give you a healthy fats avocado for Vitamin E is super moisturizing it’s going to be helpful for hair softness sweet potatoes carrots all of these have vitamin A which is good for strengthening your hair.

Add volumizing styling Products to your regimen

So those are my top tips on hair strength. Let me know what you guys think. But this article I think this is a topic that everyone wants more of. So if there’s something specific you want me to dive into let me know and I can try to kind of focus each article towards that. Also if you guys like those food recommendations and you want a list of foods that I just always keep in my kitchen like my go-to beauty foods you can go to get a hot and healthy home. I can link it below this Article and I have a free Article there where I just share my go-to like must-have food items.

Questions Do you have please comment. if you like this article and I’ll see you next time.

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