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10 hair care tips for dry hair – how to get healthy shiny hair

Essential rules that I always follow when I take care of my hair. But before we started going to show you one thing that is very important to re fully understand everything in this article this is what a hair looks from up close. You can see there are all these little layers on top of each other. This is called the hair cuticle. The closer these little layers are laying on top of each other the more the hair has a beautiful healthy appearance. When they stick out that’s when the hair looks frizzy.

So that’s one thing to keep in mind. No that’s No. I think we should start right now.

Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it brushing your hair before you wash it has two big advantages. First of all, it’s evenly spreads the natural oils throughout your hair giving it a protective coat that leaves your hair better prepared for all the shampoo and styling products. It’s gonna be exposed to. Secondly, the absence of any sort of tangled strands or knots makes it much easier to effectively RINs your hair.

Wash Your Hair Less

wash your hair less often over-washing your hair has two main effects by washing your hair too often you’re stripping it off its natural oils and this will eventually result in your hair becoming dry and more prone to breakage.

Additionally, the process of over washing also dries out your scalp which then often overproduces natural oils to compensate. I would recommend washing your hair not more than three times a week.

Be smart about the water temperature

Be smart about the water temperature while warm water opens a hair’s cuticle.

To allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job. The cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal and moisture from the conditioner which helps your hair look shiny and healthy. So, by all means, take a warm shower but at the end rinse with cold water.

Apply conditioner

Apply conditioner but only to the ends using conditioner regularly. It’s important because whilst shampoo opens the hairs cuticle conditioner seals back up by locking nutrients in and pollutants out. I, however, wouldn’t recommend using conditioner directly on the scalp since your natural oils are anyways more concentrated around your hair root area which then might prevent your hair from having this nice bouncy volume. Once it’s dry. Therefore I would recommend applying conditioner only on the ends which is where it’s needed the most.

Handle your Wet Hair Carefully

When your hair is wet. It’s at its most fragile state. You mustn’t rub or brush your hair when it’s wet. Instead, try gently pressing and squeezing the moisture from the hair without rubbing the towel.

When you rub the hair to dry it’s you can damage hair and create freeze gently squeezing removes more moisture whilst keeping the hair cuticle smooth. Also, think about the towel you’re using. It’s better to use soft materials as opposed to rough textured towels.

Use a Shampoo without Alcohol

When you buy your shampoo you should take a few seconds to have a quick look at the ingredients. Alcohol tends to swell up the hair cuticle which then leads to the hair looking frizzy a rather helpful ingredient in hair products is glycerin because it coats the hair with moisture from the inside out.

To block outdoor moisture from getting in. So my recommendation is to aim for shampoos that are high in glycerin and alcohol-free.

Rinse thoroughly

You can have the best shampoo and conditioner in the world. If you jeopardize this step your hair will always look dull and worn down. You always have to make sure you RINs Your hair is super well to get all the product out of it otherwise it builds up and your hair loses its healthy shine. Also, the best results are achieved if you carry out your final rinse with cold water as this will seal the cuticle.

Use antifreeze hair oil

Now I’m not getting sponsored by this brand or anything. They don’t know that I exist but I have honestly been searching for a long time for hair oil. That makes a difference to my hair. And this Sarah by all she is the only one that makes my hair smooth. I put a few pumps in my hand like that.

And then I massage it gently into the ends of my hair. Once his blow-dried he ends are then looking super shiny and smooth.

Minimize blow-dry

We all know that blow-drying dries out your hair. And often gives it this frizzy appearance. I find that letting my hair add dries until it’s about 90% dry. And then blow drying it at the end.

It makes my hair much less frizzy. Also if your blow-dry has the option of blowing at reduced heat go for it. It’s going to further reduce the likelihood of freeze. Tip Number 10 switch to hair rollers.

Guys forget curling irons forget straightness is time to dig up momma’s old Harrell is in my experience hair rollers are the easiest and most effective method of achieving beautiful healthy-looking and voluminous hair without going through the hassle of getting an expensive blow dry. Also with hair rolls, the hair is exposed to much less heat compared to straightness which makes it also much healthier for the hair.

All right all of these. That was it for me today. I hope you find this article useful and I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered in this article let me know in the comment section and I will, of course, answer it if it might take a day or two. And I’m gonna have one other hair article coming soon which is about lazy people’s hair hacks. I’m a lazy person so I’m sure there are also some fellow lazy people out there.

That is going to appreciate that article. And I’m not going to say goodbye. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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