FUE Hair Transplant How Does It Work

FUE Hair Transplant: How Does It Work?

Hair transplantation is common and abundant since the number of people suffering from hair fall is increasing. In essence to hair fall, there is a drop in hair thickness and growth of existing hair. All such factors have a say when you consider a hair transplant. In a hair transplant, you will come across two methods.

The first will involve transferring some part of the skin. Whereas the other will take the hair follicles from one location to another. FUE is the latter, as Follicular Unit Extraction.

FUE in General

FUE is a diverse, safe, and reliable hair treatment process. The method is simple and involves lesser risks both during the process and afterward. For this, the cost of such a transplant procedure multiplies however there is more to the process. In such a process, you will not observe the extraction of anything more than just your hair follicles. These follicles are extracted with the utmost care from your roots and then moved into a place where hair growth is minimal.

The process is safe if it is performed by a surgeon like rejuvenceclinic.co.uk who are the pioneers of FUE hair transplant in London with years of experience. In addition to the services of FUE, you will find a great response from the customers. People that receive the ideal treatment from the FUE process claim the least aftereffects. It also ensures that there is safety and perfection in the process.

Where are the FUT Packs? 

In the entire process, the focus must be on the name, Follicular Unit Transplant. In a transplanting procedure, nothing goes alone and you will find that multiple things go along. These include scalps, some portion of the skin, and hair follicles. What this method does is that it clearly shows signs and marks of scars. When something is extracted from your skin, it leaves a mark. In contrast, the FUT is just plucking of your hair. Thus, you will see that it becomes difficult to detect and find signs of shifting of hair follicles.

Another great downside of the traditional FUT method is that it allows your hair follicles to show aftereffects. The most common of them include swelling, reddishness, and bruises along the new transplant. In addition, whenever you extract some portion of the skin, you need proper stitching for it to settle into a new place. Hence, professionalism is another thing to constantly look at within this procedure.

FUE in a Nutshell 

The elaborative explanation is a great thing; however sometimes people like to have a summarized view. For them, we include some key points that describe the procedure of FUE in a nutshell. Moreover, there is a need to understand that a detailed working guide and cost analysis will also follow. Thus, you must patiently wait for the reading to finish.

  • FUE is a process where individual hair follicles will be extracted and plucked. It does not take the entire portion of the scalp. Thus, you can find this process a bit time-consuming but safety is what you get in the response.
  • In comparison to FUT, the FUE is popular since it appears clean and neat. For example, while there is no extraction of the skin, you will not find any scars and marks.
  • Surgeons have to work on a single follicle in an FUE, hence it leaves almost no signs of marks and drawbacks.

Safety Associated with FUE

While everything comes with certain implications and possible side effects, the FUE procedure is no different. However, when you compare it with the traditional FUT method, the drawbacks will be minimal and almost none. In certain cases, there can be an experience of the following:

  • At best, you may experience only some of the issues such as white marks and spots from where the follicles were extracted. In truth, it is an issue that can develop since such minute details are harder to ignore.
  • In essence, some side effects are temporary and can stay with you for a while. However, they easily go away either with simple medications or creams. Such issues include swelling, bruising, and a sensation of sensitivity.

How Convenient is FUE to Conduct and Undergo? 

FUE is a perfect option for many, especially those that want to have a near-perfect experience. We call FUE a near-perfect option since it brings side effects as a rarity. However, everyone knows of it as a convenient procedure. And here is why:

  • The timing is extremely feasible, with regular sessions finishing within 4 hours maximum
  • A patient can go home after its daily procedural steps
  • Little do you need to interrupt your routine after you underwent FUE

Conclusion: Is it Costly? 

A fitting conclusion to this read can be to have a short cost analysis of what lies ahead. In essence, you can find this procedure costly since benefits always come with a price.

  • Such a transplant can cost between $4000 to $15000 for each session, and it depends on the person you hire the most.
  • In essence, the cost can also vary considering how many follicles are to be transplanted.

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