E Liquid Buying Guide Tips For Choosing The Right One For You

E-Liquid Buying Guide: Tips For Choosing The Right One For You

The government regulates the production and sale of vapes in the UK, setting guidelines to protect you and other users. Many users have a tricky time choosing the right e-liquid from the market’s numerous manufacturers and products. If you are confused about getting a suitable vape liquid, know that you are not alone, and this buying guide has been developed to help you understand how you should choose the right one. There are eight essential considerations for you when selecting a suitable vape liquid.

Know Your Flavours

Flavours matter when it comes to choosing vape liquid. There are thousands of flavours today; it is easy to feel lost in that sea. Your first duty is to know what flavours you love. If you are new to vaping, you could take a cue from your favourite fruit or ask your friends for recommendations. You should, however, only purchase flavours produced by quality companies and approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Using homemade flavours may injure your health, knowing they may not be well-made. Most physical and online vaping stores offer free guides to help you choose a flavour. You should check for a large range of vape juice that is safe, approved, and designed for maximum pleasure.

Safety Of The Vape

Vaping liquids affect the device. Some juices are unsuitable for specific devices. You should research to know what works with what. Vapes don’t cost an arm or leg, but you could lose money on repairs or purchasing a new one if damages occur. Most stores offer advice on the quality and suitability of flavours with devices; you’ll do well to remember that information. If unsure, you could always contact the original manufacturer for advice before deciding. Still, you might not encounter many challenges in that regard.

The Nicotine Content Matters

One of the many appeals of vaping is that you get to choose your nicotine content. The days are gone when consumers had little control over the amount of nicotine in cigs. Nicotine is the addictive culprit that most consumers are wary of; thankfully, you can now choose how much nicotine you take while enjoying your favourite flavour. Say goodbye to your fear of getting addicted to nicotine. Ensure that you buy the vape juice with the right nicotine concentration. Vape nicotine content is graded according to its attention. Based on that, there’s the low, medium, and high nicotine content having <6 mg, 9 mg – 12 mg, and 18 mg – 20 mg, respectively.

Propylene Glycol To Vegetable Glycerol Ratio

Vape juice is based on either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or a mixture of both in a ratio. PG is more flavoured, while VG is slightly sweeter. You could begin with flavours that use either base compound or go for flavours that mix both. If you go for the latter, the PG to VG ratio is an important consideration when buying e-liquid. The PG to VG ratio determines properties such as taste, consistency, and quality. Vape devices also work based on the ratio of the base compounds. You could start with a liquid with a 50/50 ratio and vary the mixture as your taste develops. VG typically gives more vapour cloud with little or no “throat hit”, while PG gives a “throat hit.”

Keep Mixing And Experimenting

You might not get your favourite flavour on your first try. Flavour is personal; it could take several trials before you find that one flavour that brings indescribable pleasure. What’s your best course? To keep mixing and experimenting with new flavours. While DIY/self-mod flavours may be cheaper, you might be running a health risk. You should only experiment with flavours purchased from certified producers and stores. Keep experimenting until your buds touch nirvana.

Get A Favourite Producer

A particular flavour purchased from different producers could taste slightly different. While the government regulates the safety of vape flavours, the actual taste is left to the producers. For that reason, you’ll find it necessary to stick with one producer when you get your desired flavour. After exploring different brands and flavours, ticking with your favourite helps you enjoy the most vaping pleasure. Variety is the spice of life, of course; you should still mix now and then.

Use An Appropriate Wick

Vaping is healthier than smoking, but that doesn’t mean it should be less enjoyed. Cigs typically use steel wicks which mute their flavours. Older vapes also used steel wicks, but they were quickly replaced with cotton wicks, allowing consumers to enjoy their tastes to the fullest. Today, the question isn’t about using steel wicks or not but about the quality of cotton to be used. You’ll find the best cotton wicks from your favourite store. Remember, using your favourite flavour is nearly useless without a suitable wick.

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