How To Prevent Wrinkle On Decolletage

Dos And Don’ts: How To Prevent Wrinkle On Decolletage

Women love pampering their skin with oodles of beauty products, nearly every one of them seems to overlook the important feature of their body: the décolletage, which is something that you proudly show to the world.

Disregarding your décolletage can bring in ageing problems such as wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin look aged.

So what actually décolletage is?

The word décolletage has derived from the French word and it’s positioned beneath your neck and flanked between your chests.

What are the causes for décolletage wrinkles?

Your décolletage is highly affected by its exposure to the sun and your sleeping position, where your upper breast plunge down below the midline, gradually causing wrinkles in your skin.

Wearing push up and sports bras can also form creases by effectuating your breasts to push against each other.

To prevent wrinkles, below we have listed some dos and don’ts…


Wear sunscreen

If you squander most of your time outside in the sun then wearing sunscreen is the best pre-emptive tool. The skin on your chest is10x more subtle as compared to your face which causes more damage from UVA rays, prompting the formation of free radicals in your skin, which causes harm to elastin fibers and that, contributes to wrinkles.

Apply retinoid

Retinoid is a great source of collagen production in your skin which enhances your skin texture and regulates skin cell turnover that comes in aid by not just diminishing wrinkles but also brown spots on your skin.

Try Silicone chest pad at night

Wearing a medical-grade silicone chest pad is an effective method for wrinkles. As it helps lock in moisture into your skin, making your skin hydrated while maintaining your skin elasticity.


Moisturizing your décolletage is just as necessary as your face, to make it look plump. Always pick a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid in it, to keep your skin hydrated so the more hydrated your skin is the healthier and youthful it will appear.


Sleep on your side

One of the causes of wrinkles is your sleeping position. Lying on your side can cause your skin to form creases in your face as well as your décolletage. Make sure to sleep on your back to avoid developing wrinkles.

Go hard on cleansing

When cleansing the area on your chest, you should not scrub it hard. Use your fingertips instead, to gently massage in a circular motion.

Considering the above information, now you can protect your skin even better.

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